5 Facebook Groups For Promoting Your Blog

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With over one billion active users, Facebook is the #1 social media platform. If you’re not leveraging the power of Facebook to grow your blog, you’re missing out on increased blog traffic.

Within the past year, I’ve seen a huge jump in the number of people utilizing Facebook groups. After jumping on the bandwagon, I can understand why.

Facebook groups are a great way to:

  1. Connect with fellow bloggers
  2. Collaborate with bloggers
  3. Support each other
  4. Promote your content

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While it’s great to use Facebook as a way to connect with other bloggers, some groups don’t allow you to promote your content. I know a lot of bloggers are interested in sharing their blog posts and social media on Facebook. For that reason, in this post, I’m sharing with you 5 Facebook groups for promoting your content.

UPDATE: Most of the groups listed have been deleted since I created this post. I’ll be updating this post with new groups, but I won’t always have access to the sharing schedules. Check out my post 73 Facebook Groups for Bloggers for more Facebook groups!

1. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Visit Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Sharing Schedule

  • Monday: Share your recent blog post
  • Tuesday: Facebook
  • Wednesday: Q&A
  • Thursday: Twitter
  • Friday: Instagram
  • Saturday: Different thread each week
  • Sunday: Blogger of the week

2. Pinterest Promotions for Bloggers

Visit Pinterest Promotions for Bloggers

Sharing Schedule

Weekly threads for the following categories:

  • Recipes and Food
  • Health and Fitness
  • Blogging and Social Media
  • Money and Finances
  • Love and Marriage
  • Parenting and Motherhood
  • Crafts and DIY
  • Lifestyle, Home, and Travel
  • Faith and Religion
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Holidays and Seasons

3. Creative Entrepreneurs

Visit Creative Entrepreneurs by Marketing Creativity

Sharing Schedule

  • Monday: Twitter Retweets
  • Tuesday: Instagram Love
  • Wednesday: Wisdom Wednesday
  • Thursday: Pinterest Boost
  • Friday: Facebook Post

4. Grow Your Blog

Visit Grow Your Blog

Sharing Schedule

  • Daily comment threads
  • Daily threads for social media shares (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, G+)
  • Monthly and Quarterly Follow for Follow Threads

5. Pinterest Traders

Visit Pinterest Traders

Pinterest Traders is perfect for bloggers who want to boost their Pinterest account. This group has daily share threads for promoting your Pinterest account.

6. Blogging Boost

Visit Blogging Boost

Sharing Schedule

Every Monday you are allowed to promote your content on the group wall.

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