7 Simple and Free Fonts | Font Series #02

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As a blog designer, it’s probably no secret that I love fonts. It’s gotten to the point where I find myself naming fonts while I’m out and about or just lounging around the house reading magazines.

Today I wanted to share a free font collection. While there are a lot of amazing pay for font’s available on the web, there are also a lot of great free fonts out there too. In fact, two of these fonts are currently being used in my logo!

A roundup of 7 simple and free fonts.

7 Simple and Free Fonts

  1. Cherry Swash
  2. Oswald
  3. Grand Hotel
  4. Playfair Display
  5. Museo Slab 500
  6. Wisdom Script
  7. Great Vibes

If you love fonts like I do, then I’m sure you’ll love what Creative Market has to offer. Click here to view their large collection of fonts.

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