How to Find Free Classes on CreativeLive

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CreativeLive offers online classes on photo + video, art + design, music + audio, DIY + crafts, marketing, business, and entrepreneurship. All of which can be accessed on demand 24 hours a day.

They also have a free podcast called Profit. Power. Pursuit. with Tara Gentile that I recommend checking out.

Go inside the businesses that inspire you! The Profit. Power. Pursuit. Podcast explores what it means to build a business and life on your creative drive. We uncover both the strategic and the tactical components of how creative people make money, take control of their businesses, and pursue what’s most important to them so that you can too.

On this podcast, we’ll talk to artists like James Victore and Lisa Congdon, photographers like Sue Bryce and Julia Kelleher, entrepreneurs like Laura Roeder and Srini Rao, and business experts like Michael Port and Nir Eyal, among many others.

CreativeLife features over 1,500 classes, 650+ instructors (including big names like Gary Vaynerchuk and Arianna Huffington), and over 10 million students.

I have taken a couple of marketing courses on CreativeLive and found them to extremely helpful.

Every week, CreativeLive offers a selection of free live and on-air classes. Make sure you check out CreativeLive’s Free On-Air Classes to see a current list of free classes. This page also includes upcoming classes that you can RSVP to.

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