28 Flower Paintings Using Acrylic Paint on Canvas

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Get inspired to create your own stunning flower canvas paintings! Learn easy acrylic painting techniques and tips from the beginner-friendly tutorials that are provided.

Acrylic paint is a versatile medium that can be used to create beautiful flower paintings on canvas. The colors are vibrant and the paint dries quickly, making it ideal for creating detailed designs.

When painting flowers with acrylics, it is important to start with a light color and then build up the layers of color. This will help to create depth and dimension in the painting. Begin by sketching out the design of the painting with a pencil. Then, use a brush to paint in the lightest colors.

Once the lighter colors have been added, you can begin to add in the darker shades. Build up the layers of color until you are happy with the final result. With a little practice, you will be able to create stunning flower paintings using acrylic paint on canvas.

1. Flowers by the Pastel Sea

Flowers by the Pastel Sea

This painting features a beautiful ocean with pink flowers and fluffy clouds. Mix shades of pink and blue to create a dreamy landscape. Watch the tutorial for this Flowers by the Pastel Sea painting.

2. Roses Painting

roses painting acrylic
Get this painting from Margary Shop USA

A rose is one of the most popular subjects for paintings, and it’s easy to see why. Roses are incredibly beautiful, with their intricate petals and rich colors.

3. American Rosebud Tree

American Rosebud Tree
Credit: Pinterest

Get set to let the American Rosebud tree inspire your next acrylic painting adventure. This painting would be fun to recreate during the spring season.

4. Midnight Butterfly Garden

Midnight Butterfly Garden
Credit: Wendy Anderson (from a live online paint party)

This black canvas painting comes alive with an explosion of colorful butterflies and blooming flowers in vivid acrylic hues. It’s a night garden scene that will transform your painting into a beautiful of colors.

5. Flowers Sitting on a Dresser

Flowers Sitting on a Dresser
Get this painting from Marlee Art

Picture this, the flowers are blooming, and the bees are buzzing. It’s springtime, and that means it’s time to freshen up your decor. One simple way to add a touch of spring to your home is to display cut flowers in a vase.

6. How to Paint Coneflowers

How to Paint Coneflowers

Here’s a stunning coneflower painting that you can bring to life on canvas, with petals of vibrant pink and a fiery orange center, all set against a backdrop of lush green. Watch the video tutorial for this Acrylic Coneflowers painting.

7. Tulip Field Painting

Tulip Field Painting with Pastel Sunset Sky

Create a fun and unique painting on a circular canvas for an eye-catching work of art. Even if you’re new to painting, you can recreate this field of flowers. Watch the tutorial for this Tulip Field painting.

8. Field of Flowers Using Palette Knife

Field of Flowers using Palette Knife
Get this painting from Dragonfly Corners

Palette knives are one of my favorite painting tools. I love the thick, creamy consistency of the paint when applied with a palette knife – it just feels so luxurious. Plus, the textured finish is always amazing.

9. Colorful Flower Field Acrylic Painting

Colorful Flower Field Acrylic Painting

When it comes to acrylic paintings, there’s something about a field full of colorful flowers that catches the eye and captures the heart. Watch the tutorial for the Colorful Flower Field Acrylic painting.

10. Vase of Colorful Flowers

Vase of Colorful Flowers
Get this painting from Folk Culture Gallery

This beautiful painting captures the simple elegance of a vase of colorful flowers. The artist has used a stunning palette to create a harmonious composition, and the addition of the palette knife technique adds a sense of movement to the still life.

11. Daisies on a Small Canvas

Daisies on a Small Canvas
Credit: Pinterest

Daisies are the perfect subject for a beginner-friendly painting. Plus, a small canvas allows you to focus on the intricate details of each flower. You can choose to keep it simple or add more detail.

12. Acrylic Pink Cloud Painting

Acrylic Pink Cloud Painting

If you’re looking to add a touch of feminity to your art collection, make sure you check out the helpful tutorial for this painting that showcases pink clouds and a field of roses. Watch the tutorial for this Acrylic Pink Cloud painting.

13. Daisy Flower Garden Painting

Daisy Flower Garden Painting

If your favorite flower is the daisy, you’re in luck. This beautiful painting shows a field covered with beautiful white and yellow flowers. Watch the tutorial for this Daisy Flower Garden painting.

14. Colorful Hydrangeas on Black Canvas

Colorful Hydrangeas on Black Canvas
Credit: Pinterest

Hydrangeas are a classic and beloved flower that add a burst of color to any garden. If you want to channel that beauty to a black canvas, you’re in for a treat! The contrast created by the vivid hues against the dark backdrop is truly stunning.

15. Tall Daisy Flowers

Tall Daisy Flowers
Credit: Pinterest

If you’re looking for an easy painting idea that’s sure to brighten up any room in your home, consider painting tall daisy flowers. These beautifully vibrant flowers offer a pop of color and cheer.

16. Dreamy Flower Garden Painting

Dreamy Flower Garden Painting

Imagine a beautiful sunset sky as your background, with vibrant flowers of all colors filling up the foreground. This s the perfect painting for those that love vibrant colors. Watch the tutorial for the Dreamy Flower Garden painting.

17. Woman with Flowers for Hair

women with flowers for hair painting
Get this painting from Virginia Lynn Art

The painting is of a beautiful young woman with flowers being used as her hair. The colors are vibrant and feminine, and the overall effect is one of delicate beauty.

18. Flower Jar Acrylic Painting

Easy Flower Jar Acrylic Painting

If you’re looking for a charming springtime painting idea, look no further than a flower jar with a bee acrylic painting! This delightful artwork captures the joy and vibrancy of the season. Watch the tutorial for this Flower Jar Acrylic Painting.

19. Yellow, Blue, and Coral Flowers

Yellow, Blue, and Coral Flowers
Credit: elysebreannedesign

There’s something so captivating about a painting that incorporates bright, bold colors on a dark canvas. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next painting project, try capturing the beauty of yellow, blue, and coral flowers on a black background.

20. Red Flowers on Black Canvas

Red Flowers on Black Canvas
Painting by Fatima Abdullahi Kyari

This painting features a beautiful red flower set against a stark black background. The contrast between the vivid red and the dark canvas creates a striking image that is sure to command attention.

21. Wildflower Acrylic Painting

Wildflower Acrylic Painting
Get this painting from Art by Kristen

There’s something special about wildflowers. They seem to embody the very essence of nature, with their bright colors and simple beauty. Painting wildflowers can be a challenge, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. The key is to capture the spirit of the flowers rather than getting bogged down in details.

22. Flower Power Canvas Painting

Flower Power Canvas Painting
Get this painting from Painted by Loriann

Flower power was a movement that began in the 1960s as a way to express peace and love. This painting features brightly colored flowers and simple shapes as symbols of hope and happiness.

23. Acrylic Field of Flowers

Acrylic field of Flowers
Get this painting from Yumaq Designs

Looking at this field of flowers painting, you can’t help but feel a sense of calm wash over you. The gentle hues of blue and yellow are so soothing, and the playful pops of green and red add just the right amount of brightness.

24. Small Wildflower Painting

Small Wildflower Painting
Get this painting from The Heart of the Country

Painting wildflowers is always a delight. They are small and dainty, and each one is unique. I love to use a small brush to paint the intricate details of the petals and leaves. The colors are so beautiful and vibrant. I often find myself getting lost in the painting, and it’s a wonderful way to relax.

25. Simple Daisy Flowers

Simple Daisy Flowers
Get this painting from Paintings by Ashima

The humble daisy is one of the most beloved flowers in the world. Featuring a simple yet stunning design, these cheerful blooms are a staple of summer gardens. Flowers have always been a popular subject for artists, and daisies are no exception. Daisies are simple yet beautiful flowers that can add a touch of elegance to any painting.

26. Sunflower Mini Canvas Painting

Sunflower mini canvas painting
Get this painting from Mae Artwork and Design

This pretty sunflower mini canvas painting is the perfect way to add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your decor. The black background provides a stunning contrast to the bright yellow flower, making it a real eye-catcher.

27. Small Canvas Floral Painting

Small Canvas Floral Painting
Get this painting from Canvas Plus Studio

This pretty floral painting features a blue background for the sky and small white, blue, and yellow flowers. The painting is done on a small canvas, making it perfect for adding a small touch of handmade beauty to your area.

28. Orange Tulips Painting

Orange Tulips Painting
Credit: sharonbacic

This beautiful painting features vibrant orange tulips in full bloom. The artist has used a bold color palette to create a striking effect, and the light shining on the petals gives the tulip a sense of radiance.

The flower paintings using acrylic paint are beautiful. They are all different colors, and each one is unique. The artists have done a great job of capturing the beauty of each flower.

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