Fonts and Colors

Below you’ll find a list of the main fonts and colors used in your theme. This page contains affiliate links to products I recommend.

For free fonts, check out DaFont or Free Design Resources.

Serenity Theme

Header Fonts: Raleway and Hind Madurai

Main Color: Blue #bfe0e0

Creative Theme

Header Fonts: Fjalla One and Poppins

Main Colors: Red #ffa19c Yellow #f1d34d Green #ccdb2a Blue #98d5d1

Enamored Theme

Header Fonts: Raleway and Quicksand

Main Colors: Grey #7777777

Inspired Theme

Header Fonts: Madina Script  (this is a premium font) and Montserrat

Main Colors: Black #3a3a3a Pink #fff1ee

Elegance Theme

Header Fonts: Lobster Two and Quicksand

Main Colors: Soft Coral #f8c5a5 Grey #938c83

Minimalist Theme

Header Fonts: Sacramento and Poppins

Main Colors: Coral #dfa288 and Grey #746f6d