I Made the Brooklyn Sweater (Crochet Pattern)

I’m bringing you another free crochet pattern review. This time I’m sharing the chunky Brooklyn sweater by For the Frills.

If you’re looking for a wearable project that’s warm, cozy, fun, and easy, this is the pattern for you. Thanks to the use of a super chunky yarn, I was able to complete this sweater in just a few days!

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free chunky crochet sweater pattern

Before finding this pattern, I had been searching for the perfect chunky crochet sweater. I had fallen in love with all the gorgeous chunky knit sweaters I was seeing, and found it a challenge to find crochet sweaters that had a similar look. So, I was beyond excited with I discovered the Brooklyn sweater.

Because this sweater is made from the top down, there is absolutely no sewing involved. I don’t despise sewing, but if I don’t have to, that’s a major plus in my book.

To avoid having an obvious seam on the back of the sweater, Grace recommends doing a no turning chain. I had never heard of a no turning chain, so I was a little nervous about doing a new crochet technique.

Thankfully, I was able to figure it out pretty quickly thanks to a YouTube tutorial. I recommend learning this technique if you haven’t already. It was worth it to have a less visible seam running down the back of the body.

Choosing Your Yarn

This sweater is made using Heartland Thick and Quick Yarn. I chose the color Joshua Tree for my sweater. If you’re thinking about using a different yarn, I recommend using YarnSub to find a good substitute.

This sweater works up to be thick and heavy, so you don’t want to use a yarn that’s thicker than the Heartland Thick and Quick, at least I don’t recommend it.

Changes I Made

As you can see in the photo, I did make a few simple changes to the original pattern. To start, I made the neck smaller for a more fitted look. I didn’t want the wider neckline for my chunky sweater.

I also made the sleeves a bit shorter and did a decrease at the end of the sleeve. For the decrease, I halved the number of stitches in the row before the final double crochet row. Then I did a regular double crochet row (no decreases), then I started the cuff.

In addition to these changes, I also added an additional row to the length of the sweater.

brooklyn sweater

I really love how my sweater turned out. I couldn’t have asked for better results! This sweater really was a blast to make.

If you’re nervous about crocheting from the top down, don’t be. It really is super easy and so convenient. Plus, if you need video assistance, Grace has a helpful video tutorial that guides you through the process.

Get the Free Chunky Crochet Sweater Pattern

The Brooklyn crochet sweater pattern can be found free on the For the Frills blog (free pattern supported by ads). You can also purchase the convenient ad-free PDF in their shop.

Get the free pattern here.

I really hope you enjoy making this chunky crochet sweater. It’s just perfect for the colder months, and I find it to be so stylish.

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