9 Free Commercial Use Fonts

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Who doesn’t love free fonts? There are so many amazing fonts available for you to download without paying a penny. The only problem with free fonts is that a lot of them are available for personal use only (with the option to pay for commercial use).

A roundup of 9 free commercial use fonts.

This is fine if you only want to use the fonts for your personal projects. However, if you’re working on a commercial project, and want to use a free font for your commercial work, you need to make sure you have the proper permissions to do so.

This weeks font collection features 9 free commercial use fonts. Be sure to read the licence for each of these fonts just in case the font creator has changed their mind about free commercial use.

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Free Commercial Use Fonts

  1. Roboto Slab – download link for Roboto Slab
  2. Great Vibes – download link for Great Vibes
  3. Amatic SC – download link for Amatic SC
  4. Soria – download link for Soria
  5. Grand Hotel – download link for Grand Hotel
  6. Playfair Display – download link for Playfair Display
  7. Yellowtail – download link for Yellowtail
  8. Museo Slab – download link for Museo Slab
  9. Sofia – download link for Sofia

If you’re interested in downloading more free fonts, Font Bundles has a page dedicated to showcasing their current selection of free font downloads.

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