Free Crochet Poncho Patterns for All Sizes

I love crochet poncho patterns. Even as a kid, ponchos were one of my favorite things to wear. I was so excited when I learned how to crochet and could make my own ponchos.

There’s something that’s so satisfying about wearing something that you made with your own hands. I can’t tell you how proud of myself I am when I wear my handmade clothing items.

If you love ponchos as well and are looking for crochet poncho patterns, I’ve got you covered. In this post, I’m sharing free poncho patterns that are suitable for all sizes. Additionally, be sure to check out my shawl pattern collection if you love a good shawl too.

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My Favorite Crochet Supplies

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Row Counter: With this tally counter, I never lose track of what row I’m on when I crochet.
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Stitch Markers: I love using these colorful stitch markers to mark my stitches.

Lace Poncho


This crochet lace poncho is absolutely stunning. If you look at the bottom of the poncho, you’ll notice that it has a beautiful floral lace pattern. This poncho would look great in any color. Get the pattern for the Lace Poncho.

Driftwood Oversized Poncho


I made this poncho for myself, and it turned out absolutely stunning. This is definitely one of my favorite crochet pieces. It really is oversized and is just so warm. Get the free pattern for the Driftwood Oversized Poncho.

Red Heart Perfect Poncho


This perfect poncho really is perfect. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s so simple to make. This poncho is two crochet squares sewn together. Now, that’s what I call easy. Get the pattern for the Red Heart Perfect Poncho.

Temperance Rauncho


This poncho would look great with a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. I would love to me at least two of these for myself using different colors. This poncho would make a wonderful gift. Get the free pattern for the Temperance Rauncho.

Thea Poncho


If you’re looking for a quick and easy project, this is the poncho for you. If you’re new to crochet, this is a great first project. Have fun choosing your own color palette for your poncho. Get the free pattern for the Thea Poncho.

Wasilla Poncho


Isn’t this poncho beautiful? This would be the perfect item to wear on a chilly fall night. This poncho uses simple stitches and the finished product looks wonderful. Get the pattern for the Wasilla Poncho.

Light Alpaca Poncho


Here’s another beautiful pattern from Mama in a Stitch. This is such a cute poncho and can be made using a variety of colors. You could even use a self-striping yarn if you would like. Get the free pattern for the Light Alpaca Poncho.

Sunset Poncho


This poncho is created using the Caron Cakes self-striping yarn. That means your poncho colors will change with no effort on your part. I love how self-striping yarn gives your projects such a unique look. Get the pattern for the Sunset Poncho.

Holly Jolly Poncho


If you’re looking for something to wear for the holidays, make this holly jolly poncho for yourself. This would be the perfect clothing item to wear during the month of December. Get the pattern for the Holly Jolly Poncho Home.

Lucky Penny Poncho


The lucky penny poncho pattern is available in child and adult sizes. This poncho is so warm and cozy it would be perfect to wear on a chilly fall night or by the fire on a cold winter evening. Get the free pattern for the Lucky Penny Poncho.

Sarah’s Perfect Poncho

Sarah's Perfect Poncho

I love how thick and cozy this poncho looks. The yarn color is beautiful, too. I’ve definitely added this pattern to my queue for the fall season. Get the pattern for Sarah’s Perfect Poncho.

Timeless Boho Poncho

Timeless Boho Poncho

Crafted with self-striping yarn, this poncho is a breeze to make while leisurely enjoying your favorite show. Plus, you can easily customize it with trendy fringe and stylish edgings. Get the pattern for the Timeless Boho Poncho.

Harvest Poncho

Harvest Poncho

With this pattern, you’ll learn how to crochet a stylish turtleneck poncho effortlessly. This must-have accessory is ideal for layering over any outfit when temperatures drop. It’s perfect for the upcoming cooler months. Get the pattern for the Harvest Poncho.

Hygge Poncho

Hygge Poncho

Kick back and cozy up in this sleek and stylish sleeved poncho. With its clean stitches, convenient front pockets, and eye-catching overlapping border, this on-trend poncho is set to steal the show in your winter wardrobe. Get the pattern for the Hygge Poncho.

Alpine Poncho

Alpine Poncho

Create a fashionable and warm poncho using a bit of crochet geometry. With just five rectangles, you can achieve a stunning and stylish cold-weather poncho. Get the pattern for the Alpine Poncho.

Granny Square Poncho

Granny Square Poncho

Fans of granny squares will love creating this beautiful poncho. I think that the best part about projects like this is choosing your color palette. Get the pattern for the Granny Square Poncho.

Lightning Feather Poncho

Lightning Feather Poncho

Inspired by both lightning and feathers, this versatile poncho features a unique construction of double crochet rectangles joined at the shoulder seams. Get the pattern for the Lightning Feather Poncho.

Lori Poncho

Lori Poncho

This is a hassle-free poncho that requires no sewing. This one-piece design eliminates the need for any stitching. Plus, you have the option to add or skip the hood and fringe. Get the pattern for the Lori Poncho.

Classical Attitude Poncho

Classical Attitude Poncho

Created using a luxurious and velvety yarn, this poncho can be made in a variety of delightful color combinations. Get the pattern for the Classical Attitude Poncho.

Perfect Gift Poncho

Perfect Gift Poncho

Create your own ‘”Perfect Gift Poncho'” with this free crochet pattern. This fashionable and chic poncho is a must-have for any wardrobe. Get the pattern for the Perfect Gift Poncho.

It’s always a great feeling when you finish up your crochet project, especially when creating something as stunning as a poncho. These twenty free crochet patterns for ponchos in various sizes are sure to provide a perfect fit and make the ideal clothing item to take you through any season.

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