Free and Colorful Social Media Icons

Here’s a huge set of over 100 bright and colorful free social media buttons for you to enjoy!

Free Social Media Buttons

These buttons were originally sold in my Etsy shop. However, after learning that I would no longer be allowed to sell them on Etsy, I decided to give them to my readers, free of charge.

No point in letting them go to waste, right?

This bundle includes over 100 social media buttons. Feel free to mix and match them however you choose.

And of course, Enjoy!

These icons are available for your personal use only.

Additional Notes

  • Icons sized at 35×35 pixels, in PNG format, and are on a transparent background.
  • Please do not redistribute this freebie in any form. If you think someone may enjoy this freebie, please provide them with a link to this page.

Want More Freebies?

Check out my freebies page where you can download as many freebies as you want!

How to Install Your Icons

Free and colorful social media icons.

Click here to download.

How to Add Social Media Icons to Blogger

Below you’ll find the steps for installing your social media icons using the Blogger platform.


In Blogger, create a new post and upload your social media icons to the post.

After uploading your images, if prompted, select the following:

  • Image alignment: None
  • Image Size: Original size


Select the “HTML” tab. After doing this, you’ll see the image links for each of your social media icons (I have highlighted the link below). Leave this window open.


Open a new tab. In your Blogger dashboard, select “Layout.”


Select “Add a Gadget” in your “sidebar-right” area and then choose the “HTML/JavaScript” gadget.



In the “HTML/JavaScript” box, paste the following code (do this for each social media icon):

<a href=”URL Goes Here”><img src=”Image Direct Link Goes Here” /></a> 


Head back over to the post editor where you uploaded your social media icons. Copy the image link for one of your icons (as seen in step 1).


Going back to your “HTML/JavaScript” gadget in Blogger, paste your image link where it says “Image Direct Link Goes Here” (do this for each social media icon and keep it within the quotation marks). It should look something like this:

<a href=”URL Goes Here”><img src=”” /></a>


Now it’s time to add in your social media URLs. Leaving the “HTML/JavaScript” gadget open, in a new window or tab, head over to your social media profile and copy your profile URL.


Now, back in the “HTML/JavaScript” gadget, paste your URL where it says “URL Goes Here” (do this for each social media icon and keep it between the quotation marks).


Select “Save” once you’re finished. The finished code should look something like this:

<a href=””><img src=”” /></a>

Feel free to delete the post draft you created.

Note: If you’re using an email button, place mailto:youremailaddresshere between the quotation marks where it says URL Goes Here.

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