French Tip Coffin Nail Designs You Don’t Want to Miss

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You’re sure to be impressed by these French tip coffin nail designs. French tips have come a long way since the ’70s. You’re no longer limited to white nail polish across the tip of the nail.

From fun and vibrant colors, to cool and fresh designs, to rhinestones and more, the options really are endless when it comes to getting a French manicure these days.

Of course, if you’re going to go for a French tip, why not get your nails done with acrylic coffin nails. Coffin nails are typically longer than the average acrylic nail (some people do prefer short coffin nails), and they’re called coffin nails because… you guessed it, they are shaped like a coffin.

If you’re ready to be inspired, you don’t want to miss these long and short French tip coffin nail designs.

DIY Nail Design Essentials

  • Nail Art Sticker Sheets: These nail art sticker sheets are perfect for anyone who wants to have cool nail designs without going to the nail salon.
  • Press On Nails: You can achieve stylish acrylic nails in the comfort of your own home with these press on nails in your shape choice.
  • Gel Nail Polish Kit: Make sure your nail polish is long lasting with this fun kit that includes 20 gel nail polish colors.
white and glitter snake print nails

Credit: _zonailedit

modern black tips nails

Credit: 310nailz

autumnal Colored Nails

Once the fall season comes around, you’ll love rocking these autumnal themed nails. The colors are just perfect for this time of year, and the creative designs makes them stand out even more.

autumn square nails

Credit: blingedbytee

blue yellow and brown nails

Credit: bymarbell

brown and glitter nails

Credit: drilledbyjade_

Pink with 3D Water Droplets

If you’re looking for a creative nail design that’s sure to stand out from the crowd, these pink French tips with 3D water droplets are perfect for you. If you’re not a fan of the color pink, you can get your nails done in any color and they will still look amazing.

water drop pink nails

Credit: lizzle_nails

blue flower nails

Credit: lusciousnailz

Elegant Coffin Nails

If you have an event to attend (such as a wedding or holiday party), these elegant long coffin nails are a great choice. Plus, they’re so versatile, they’ll look good for everyday wear too.

wedding coffin nails

Credit: nailsbyliz_0

black french tip coffin nails

Credit: jhohannails

polka dot brown nails

Credit: nailsbynyeneime

brown and white nails

Credit: nailsbyshakah

Snake Print French Tips

In case you didn’t know, this this cool nail design is actually called a “snake print” design. The snake print look has really grown in popularity over recent years. If you’ve been thinking of giving this design a try, now is the perfect time.

black snake print nails

Credit: nailsbyxltlaly

cow print coffin nails

Credit: nailzbycristi

Animal Print French Tips

You really can’t go wrong with animal print nails. You can get your nails designed with just one animal pattern or many. From cow print to leopard print and more, you have so many options when it comes to this look.

animal print french tips

Credit: nailzbylis

orange nail design

Credit: niyahs.nailhousee

Blue Snake Nails with Rhinestones

Turn your nails up a notch with these blue snake print nails with gorgeous heart shaped rhinestone embellishments. Let this look inspire your next nail design.

blue snake print nails

Credit: prissy_nailz

brown french tips

Credit: rosiesnailbar

Modern French Tips

These nails give a modern look to the classic French tip nail design. Try this look out using white polish or switch things up and consider using black, pink, or even royal blue. Your options are unlimited with this simple look.

modern french tip nails

Credit: ginatollese

blue french tip nails

Credit: tasnailedit

white and gold snake print nails

Credit: tloungeenails

French tip nails are a classic and timeless look that will never go out of style. You can wear them with any outfit or for any occasion, but you don’t have to be limited by the color palette anymore.

The design options these days give you so many more options than just white polish across your tips. Whether it’s an ombre gradient, glitter finish, or some other creative pattern, there’s something for everyone.

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