17 Frog Drawing Ideas to Make You Jump for Joy

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Get drawing with these amazing frog drawing ideas that will make you jump for joy.

If you’re a fan of frogs, you’ll enjoy checking out these awesome amphibian references. From easy beginner drawings to more advanced art, there’s something for every skill set.

These frog pictures are good for sketching and improving your drawing skills, as well as for inspiration if you’re wondering what to draw next.

1. Watercolor Frog

This frog has been colored in using watercolor paint. Using different art mediums is a great way to improve your overall artistic capabilities.

watercolor frog
Credit: annalie_art

2. Frog Drawn with Vertical Lines

If you have the time and patience (or if you need to work on your patience), try drawing your frog using vertical lines. I won’t say that the process is easy, but it’s definitely rewarding.

vertical line frog drawing
Credit: carlo_sketches

3. Frog Hanging From Branch

If you’ve never drawn something in motion, why don’t you give it a try? Using this reference will help you improve your ability to draw something that’s in the action of doing a task or specific movement.

frog hanging from branch
Credit: casualartbyckm

4. Frog with Wings

Put a twist on your frog drawing by adding wings, or some other fun characteristic. This frog is also holding on to a lily pad while in the air, which is super cute.

frog with wings
Credit: celineamorosi

5. Tree Frog

Include bright greens and other shades to give your frog an appearance that really makes it stand out. The artist has done a wonderful job with this piece.

tree frog colored in
Credit: charbakerart

6. Wizard Frog

If you’re looking for a challenge, try your hands at drawing the wizard hat. I say this because the artist mentioned the hat being the hardest part to draw. “This was actually really fun to draw! The frog part wasn’t really hard but the hat was because of the texture.”

frog wearing wizard hat
Credit: fati.artfeatures

7. Frog on a Mushroom Sketch

If you’re looking for a quick sketch idea, this reference is just perfect. The frog is sitting atop a mushroom with a simple floral backdrop.

frog on mushroom sketch
Credit: jessie__helen

8. Cute Frog Sketches

These frog sketches are the cutest. They’re actually a part of a sticker sheet to be created by the artist. There are frogs drinking coffee, eating, and more.

cute frog sketches
Credit: jkcreativeco_

9. Two Frogs

One draw one frog when you can draw two. After drawing this, it would be great to take it another step up and add vibrant colors for a finishing touch.

two frog drawing
Credit: johannemitchell

10. Quirky Frog

Your frog drawing or sketch doesn’t have to look like your typical amphibian. Put your own quirky twist on your art to make it special, unique, and all your own.

quirky frog
Credit: k.a.oakley

11. Frog in Space

I just love this amazing drawing of a frog in space. If you’re looking for a great handmade gift idea, I think the people in your life (especially frog collectors) would love to receive something like this.

cool frog drawing idea
Credit: kaitlinhoyt

12. Frogs and Red Mushrooms

Painting in these frogs really took them to the next level. The colors give these froggies such a fun and whimsical appearance.

frog and red mushrooms
Credit: mumu_sketches

13. Regal Frog

The word “regal” was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this drawing. I just love the frogs pose, and of course, his clothes are amazing.

regal frog
Credit: rosefeedesbelleschoses

14. Frog with a Mushroom Umbrella

Of course, when a frog is caught in the rain, they’ll have to pull out their mushroom umbrella. It’s the absolute best way to keep from getting wet.

frog with mushroom umbrella
Credit: rubbersoulart

15. Grenouille

The artist titled this drawing “Grenouille.” If you didn’t know, the word actually translates from French to “frog.” You learn something new every day.

grenouille drawing
Credit: so.drawws

16. Realistic Frog Drawing

If you find yourself wanting to draw something more realistic, this reference is perfect for you. This drawing was done using pure graphite with sepia powder on Magnani paper.

realistic frog drawing
Credit: westwood.lisa

17. Mr. Roger

Mr. Roger is one of the tadpoles rescued by the artist. For more beautiful and realistic art, please visit Lisa’s website, Mahika.

realistic frog sketch
Credit: westwood.lisa

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, I hope that these frog drawing ideas have inspired you to get creative and experiment with new techniques.

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