270 Fun and Easy Drawings of Animal Faces

Animal faces are so fun to draw, especially when they’re as cute and easy as this collection of drawings.

Here are 270 fun and easy drawings of animal faces. You can use these as inspiration or references for your own artwork.

Cute Cat Face Drawing

cute cat face drawing
iStock/Alina Nefyodova

If you’re looking for a quick and easy drawing of a cat’s face, you’re in luck. With its heart-shaped nose, this kitty drawing is beyond adorable.

Nine Cute Faces

cute animal faces drawing

It doesn’t get any easier than these drawings of nine different animals. There is a cow, chick, rabbit, monkey, kitten, pig, and more.

Sixteen Zoo Animal Faces

Zoo Animal Faces Drawing

These 16 drawings feature a variety of zoo animals, each with its own unique expression. From the silly lion to the wise elephant, these drawings capture the personality of each animal.

Nine Cat Faces

Cat Faces Drawing

Here are nine cute kitty faces that you can easily draw with a few simple steps. I love how each cat has its own unique personality.

Four French Bulldog Faces

French Bulldog Faces Drawing

These four drawings of French bulldogs are so cool. If you love this breed, try recreating these four different sketches of the lovable dog.

Sixteen Sweet Kitty Drawings

Kitty Face Drawings

Kitty drawings are the perfect way to help you relax and de-stress after a long day. Each one is full of personality and will make you smile once you’re done.

Cartoon Chinese Zodiac Faces

Cartoon Chinese Zodiac Face Drawings

The Chinese Zodiac is a cycle of twelve years, each represented by an animal.

According to legend, the order of the animals was decided by a race: the first to cross a river would be first in the cycle, and so on.

12 More Chinese Zodiac Faces

Cute Chinese Zodiac Face Drawings
iStock/Inna Tanasiienko

Here’s a super cute take on Chinese zodiac animals. Each of these animals has pink heart-shaped cheeks, making them so adorable.

Simple Puppy Face

Simple Puppy Face Drawing

If you’re looking to pass the time, grab your pencil and paper and complete a few simple doodles, such as this cute face of a puppy.

Nine Easy Cartoon Animals

Nine Easy Cartoon Animals Drawing
iStock/Timplaru Ovidiu

This animal faces collection has a few drawings that you don’t often see. For example, there is a big-toothed beaver and a sweet hippopotamus.

Easy Cat and Dog Face

Easy Cat and Dog Face Drawing

You’re going to love drawing this easy cat and dog face. Make your drawing unique by adding additional features such as hats on their heads.

Feminine Feline Drawing

Feminine Feline Drawing

This feminine feline is absolutely adorable and so simple to draw. To make her even cuter, you could add a bow to the top of her head.

Fifteen Cute Animals with Floral Crowns

Cute Animals with Floral Crowns Drawing

These fifteen cute animals with floral crowns are fantastic. You can choose between a dog, pig, mouse, raccoon, sloth, elephant and many more.

Border Collie Drawing

Border Collie Drawing
iStock/Chayapoll Tummakorn

The Border Collie is a breed of dog that is known for its intelligence and loyalty. If you’re a fan of this dog, use this cool drawing reference for practice.

Group of Animals

Group of Animals Drawing
iStock/ Tiekiober

Drawing this group of animals will keep you busy and having a good time while you’re doing it. Choose your favorite colors when coloring your art.

Sweet Brown Dog

Sweet Brown Dog Drawing
iStock/Chayapoll Tummakorn

This brown dog is the sweetest thing. Make him stand out by surrounding him with little doodles such as hearts, stars, or other fun shapes.

Happy Animals in Flower Wreaths

Happy Animals in Flower Wreaths Drawing
iStock/Tetiana Lazunova

These happy animals in floral wreaths are so fun to draw. Plus, you get to be even more creative by choosing your favorite color palettes for the flowers.

56 Assorted Animals

56 Assorted Animals Drawings
iStock/Kristyna Vagnerova

You won’t run out of drawing ideas if you use this collection for inspiration. It includes a spider doodle, bee doodle, ladybug doodle, snail doodle, tiger doodle, and much more.

Sixteen Animal Faces with Dark Outline

Animal Faces with Dark Outline Drawing

I love the style of these animal faces. What makes them look unique are the thick dark outlines on each of the faces. It’s great to get inspired by different art styles on your drawing journey.

Four Wild Cat Drawings

Wild Cats Drawing

I adore this wild cat’s face collection. It features a lion, tiger, leopard, and cheetah. Once you draw these, they would look pretty cool if you colored them.

Eight Cute Wild Animal Faces

cute wild animal faces drawing

This illustration features eight cute wild animals. There is a tiger, elephant, sloth, panda, monkey, zebra, koala, and leopard.

Nine Adorable Tigers Drawing

Adorable Tiger Faces Drawing

If you love tigers, you’ll love recreating these adorable tiger faces. Each drawing features its own unique pattern and colors. Come up with your very own patterns for your tiger’s face.

Easy Puppy Drawing

Easy Puppy Drawing
iStock/Maria Leonova

Dogs are one of the most popular images to draw. They are cute and can be as simple or detailed as you want them to be. This particular drawing is definitely beginner-friendly.

Colorful Animal Faces

Colorful Animal Faces Drawing
iStock/Irina Borodina

This collection features colorful and cute animal faces (bear, bird, bunny, deer, elephant, frog, giraffe, koala, llama, lion, panda, raccoon, and zebra).

Brown Cow Face

Brown Cow Face Drawing
iStock/Madina Asileva

This brown cow drawing idea is perfect for folks who want to add a little whimsy to their art projects. This cow has been created using watercolor paint, but you can use a pencil, markers, or even gel pens to create your art.

Yorkie Dog Drawing

Yorkie Dog Drawing

If you’re looking for a fun and unique Yorkie drawing idea, look no further than this adorable design. Featuring a sweet pup with an adorable smile, this artwork is perfect for anyone who loves dogs.

Twelve Circular Animal Faces

Twelve Circular Animal Faces

Each of these animal faces has a round appearance, making them so easy to draw. Featured are a lion, elephant, rabbit, goat, pig, panda koala, and more.

Simple Dog Drawing

Simple Dog Drawing
iStock/Rana Raheel Abbas

Dogs always make people happy, so why not draw one of your own? This easy pup is made up of just a few simple lines that anyone can draw with ease.

Sixteen Cute Animal Faces

Cute Animal Faces

Here are plenty of animal drawings to inspire you. This collection features sixteen fun and easy illustrations. There’s a panda, lion, cat, pig, chicken, and more.

Waving Kitten Drawing

Kitten Waving Drawing
iStock/Chayapoll Tummakorn

This drawing of an adorable kitten waving is too cute. If you’re feeling creative, you can turn the kitten into a big cat, such as a tiger or lion.

Ten Simple Animal Faces

Ten Simple Animal Faces
iStock/Tatyana Ryabova

These are some of the easiest animal faces for you to recreate. This lovely collection includes a sloth, rabbit, dog, koala, frog, and more.

Animal faces are some of the most fun drawings and doodles, as they offer a wide variety of shapes and expressions to work with.

From easy dog drawings to cute animals wearing floral crowns, this collection features many possibilities.

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