200 Fun Patterns Ideas to Draw When You’re Bored

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If you’re looking for something to do to pass the time and unleash your creativity, break out your sketchbook and start sketching some fun patterns.

Drawing is an excellent outlet for stress relief and can provide an entertaining way to involve your imagination. From simple hearts to geometric shapes to abstract designs, there are countless patterns that can you can create.

So whether you’re bored at home or need a quick art fix while on the go, let’s explore some ideas that will make drawing even more enjoyable.

1. Smiley Face, Stars, and Hearts

Smiley Face, Stars, and Hearts Patterns

Let’s start this collection off with some fun and simple pattern ideas. It doesn’t get any easier than smiley faces, stars, hearts, and other easy shapes.

2. Swirls, Stars, and Chevon Patterns

Swirls, Stars, and Chevon Patterns

Here’s a variety of patterns to get your creative juices flowing. This collection feature stars, swirls, chevron, and even a retro design.

3. Twenty-Five Fun Patterns

Twenty Five Fun Patterns

I love the collection of twenty-five patterns because they’re all so creative and fun to draw. Consider cranking out a few pattern doodles if you need to warm up before starting your drawing.

4. Scribble Drawings

Scribble Drawings
iStock/ Natalia Yudina

When you draw patterns, your art doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s the imperfections that can make art look appealing and unique.

5. Simple Doodle Ideas

Simple Doodle Ideas

These simple doodle ideas include chevron patterns, triangle patterns, lines, and circles. I like drawing patterns like this when I’m bored and need quick doodle ideas.

6. Cute Scribble Patterns

Cute Scribble Patterns

Yes, scribbles can be cute. These patterns are proof of that. Grab your pencil and let your hands flow as they sketch out simple scribble patterns.

7. Hipster Doodles

Hipster Doodle Patterns

These hipster doodles feature bees, ovals, stars, spirals, hearts, and more. These shapes are great if you’re looking for quick doodle ideas.

8. Abstract Patterns

Abstract Patterns

Abstract patterns are a great way to explore your artistic side! You can use colored pencils, pens, markers – whatever you have available.

9. Easy Patterns for Your Sketchbook


Consider experimenting with patterns if you’re looking for inspiration on how to use your sketchbook. When drawing patterns, there is an endless spectrum of fun ideas for you to create.

10. Triangles, Waves, and Lines

Triangles, Waves, and Lines Patterns
iStock/Karina Harcheva

Unleash your creative side and explore the world of patterns with triangles, waves, and lines. This combination of shapes makes for an interesting canvas that allows you to create patterns in many different ways.

11. Cute Hand-Drawn Patterns

Cute Hand Drawn Patterns

If you’re looking for cute hand-drawn pattern ideas, I love this collection of twelve patterns. It includes an assortment of hearts, dots, waves, and more.

12. Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns
iStock/Anna Morozova

If you enjoy drawing geometric shapes, these patterns should inspire you. These designs have an excellent brush appearance and vary in difficulty.

13. Hand Drawn Leaf Patterns

Hand Drawn Leaf Patterns
iStock/Hachio Nora

This assortment of hand-drawn leaf patterns is pretty cool. There’s a wide variety of pattern ideas that would make a great addition to your journal.

14. Sixteen Simple Pattern Shapes

Sixteen Simple Pattern Shapes
iStock/Nadja Golubitskaya

These sixteen simple pattern shapes include stripes, crosses, figure eights, circles, arrows, leaves, diamonds, seashells, and more.

15. Raindrop Patterns

Raindrop Patterns
iStock/Olga Vlasova

Take advantage of the natural beauty created by falling raindrop patterns. You can even add color to your design using your favorite color palette.

16. Stars, Flowers, and Hearts

Stars Flowers and Hearts Patterns

These simple shapes are so fun and easy to draw. This pattern collection features stars, flowers, hearts, and even a chevron pattern.

Sketching patterns can be both a fun and relaxing activity. You don’t have to worry about making an artistic masterpiece; just get creative and have fun.

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