30 Cute Gel Nail Design Ideas to Delight

I’ve found some of the most beautiful gel nail designs that you’ll be delighted by. To make sure I’ve included designs for everyone’s tastes, I’ve not only included gel nail ideas for your natural nails but also ideas for gel nail extensions.

If you’ve never heard of gel nail extensions, they are a popular way to get longer nails without the use of acrylics. The process involves applying gel to your natural nail and curing it with UV light. The nail technician will then use a nail form to extend the length of the nail.

If you’re considering getting gel nails, one of the biggest pros is that you won’t have to worry about chipping your nail polish. Gel nails are made more durable and chip-resistant because it’s applied over a layer of acrylic powder.

When getting gel extensions, a big pro is that if an extension breaks off before its time, you can simply go back to get it fixed.

Simple Nails

simple gel nails
Credit: foulasnails

If you’re not into flashy nail designs, this chic yet simple nail design is for you. If you do your own gel nails at home, this is an easy look that anyone can do. Plus, you’re sure to be impressed with such an elegant look.

Coral Nails with Gold Flakes

coral nails with gold flakes
Credit: hayley.haloaesthetics

Sometimes you just have to go for it. Jazz up your nails with gold flakes. With this design, people can’t help but look at and admire your nails.

Blue Floral Nails with Gold Accents

Blue Flowers with Gold Accents
Credit: poshandpolished__studio_

This delicate design features blue flowers with a gold center. The flowers are surrounded by gold dots, making this look glamorous and elegant.

Gold and Pink Holiday Nails

gold and pink christmas nails
Credit: henriettabeauty

These nails are just what you need for the festive season. They are stylish and beautiful and can be adjusted to suit every personality. If you want your mani to sparkle this winter, these gel nails are sure to wow.

Fall Gel Nails

fall gel nails
Credit: magpiebeautyusa

This fall, step up your nail game with these gel nails. Fall colors on your fingertips will make you instantly feel cozy.

Nude Nails with Gold Flakes

nude nails with gold flakes
Credit: kimakasmi

Brighten up your nails with these refreshing nude-colored nails with gold flake accents. This is such as luxurious nail option that will make you rethink plain nude nails.

Lime and Mint Nails

lime and mint nails
Credit: nailpolishdirect

Margarita anyone? If you’re looking for the ultimate summer manicure, this is it. These nails are perfect for outdoor parties at the beach and hot afternoons by the poolside.

Sunset Nails

sunset gel nails
Credit: nails_by.paola

These nails feature a burst of color that reminds me of a beautiful sunset. They’re perfect for any occasion, whether you’re staying in or going out.

Modern Nails

modern nails
Credit: o.mllenails

It’s not just the length that matters – these modern nails have got it all; with a fun design and cool colors, you’ll love this look.

Chrome Nails

Chrome Nails
Credit: beautyspace_charlotte

Get ready to turn heads with this eye-catching design. It features chrome nails with a gorgeous ocean-colored theme. Add even more sparkle by topping off the look with rhinestones.

Spirited Away Nails

Spirited Away Nails
Credit: haloranails

These Studio Ghibli-inspired nails are perfect for any fan of the movie Spirited Away. They feature cute black and white designs of “No-Face,” and cute little soot sprites.

Modern Fall Nails

modern fall nails
Credit: polishedpinkiespro

These cool nails let you rock the latest fall trend. They are perfect for those who want to have a change of scenery with their nail design. They’ll give any outfit an instant autumn-esque twist and turn heads wherever you go.

Picasso Gone Ombre

Picasso ombre nails
Credit: thehangedit

Picasso gone ombre is a nail art design that’s perfect for those looking to bring some of the artist’s masterpieces right onto their fingertips. With Picasso gone ombre, you get an ombre-style gradient effect with Picassoesque touches. You’ll be sure to turn heads with this one-of-a-kind manicure.

Spun Sugar

lace nails
Credit: primenailsbyophelia

I call these “spun sugar” nails because the design has the appearance of spun sugar. I find this to be such a simple yet creative design.

Sky Blue Nails

blue gel nails
Credit: seda_tatouage

I love looks like this because they’re so easy. You can do them at home, so there’s no need to visit the nail salon.

Creative Chrome Nails

Creative Chrome Nails
Credit: vdw.nails

This design is perfect for those who want to stand out. It features a chrome base with creative designs such as swirls, and water drops.

Lavender French Tips

purple tip nails
Credit: skyhigh_beautybristol

Here’s another design that you can do yourself and would work great on your natural nails. Choose your favorite color for your nails.

Oranges and Blue Willow Nails

Oranges and Blue Willow Nails
Credit: pknaill

Chances are, you’ve seen the blue willow pattern design displaying picturesque scenes of pagodas, bridges, willows, and birds. The artist has done of great job of incorporating the blue willow design into these nails.

Reindeer Nails

red rudolf nails
Credit: mlcnails

When the holidays come around, you’ll love rocking these red and white reindeer nails.

Blue and Black Nails

black and blue nails
Credit: thenaturalnailspa

These blue and black nails stand out beautifully. You’re sure to get compliments on this design.

Modern White Gel Nails

white gel nail designs
Credit: urembo_onwheels

If you want a modern and creative look, these long ballerina nails are sure to please. Change up the colors to suit your personal taste.

Leopard Print Design

leopard gel nails
Credit: adriana_sinatra

This leopard print design is perfect for fans of animal print nails. You can use different shades of brown for the other nails or just one shade.

Pink and Yellow

pink and yellow nails
Credit: agunailss

If you want a fun look that’s perfect for the summertime, look no further than these awesome pink and yellow nails.

Spring Nails

spring flower gel nails
Credit: bethanyjoystudios

I think that this look is perfect for the spring and even the Easter holiday. The pastel colors and floral design go perfectly together.

Blush and Gold Gel Nails

Blush and Gold Gel Nails
Credit: curedbyjae

This timeless design features a light blush base with gold accents. This look is perfect for any special occasion and will add an extra touch of glamour to your ensemble.

Brown Holiday Nails

brown christmas nails
Credit: bysophiemcintosh_

These holiday nails stand out from the rest because they use the color brown for most of the designs. I think these are such creative and unique nails.

Camouflage Design

camo nails
Credit: chillhouse

Camouflage never goes out of style. You don’t often see camouflage nail designs, so I hope this look has given you some inspiration.

Daisy Accent Nail

daisy nails
Credit: chloeeadebeauty

Here’s a unique look that features black and grey nails and a soft and feminine daisy accent nail design.

Simple Black Dots

minimalist gel nails
Credit: esse__beauty

Your nail design won’t get any easier than these simple almond-shaped nails with minimalist black dots.

Whether you want a chic and elegant look or are looking to try out some more artistic designs, I hope that these photos have helped inspire your next manicure.

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