The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit: The Best Blogging Resource This Year

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I’m super excited to announce that my blogging course, The Blogging Blueprint, is included in this year’s Genius Blogger’s Toolkit! I feel incredibly honored to be included this year!

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit
*I’m an affiliate of Ultimate Bundles because I’m a part of the bundle, and I love sharing these resources with you!

You may be wondering, what exactly is the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit?

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is a MASSIVE digital collection of training’s and tools to help you on your blogging journey.

When you buy the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, you’ll get access to 15 eBooks, 41 eCourses & videos, 9 printables & workbooks, 5 templates, 5 stock photo collections, and 2 membership sites, to be exact (oh, and there’s bonuses too!). There are some pretty amazing products in the bundle this year, including:

You may be wondering if the bundle is actually a GOOD buy for YOU?

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is ONLY a good buy FOR YOU if you:

  • Are a new blogger
  • Are at a stage in your blogging journey where you need to take things to the next level
  • Are interested in more than $97 worth of the products inside
  • Are going to make use of the eBooks and courses included in the bundle

If you will USE the books and courses in the bundle, then this is a freaking FANTASTIC buy!

Plus, did I mention, my course is in the bundle this year, and it sells on its own for $149. So if you’ve had your eyes on The Blogging Blueprint, you’ve already saved yourself lots of money by purchasing the bundle. 🙂

Check out the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit >> RIGHT HERE.