22 Green Nail Designs to Make You Feel Fresh and Renewed

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These green nail designs will make you feel fresh and renewed. Why? Well, because the color green represents peace, renewal, growth, health, harmony and more.

Green is not just for spring and summer months either. You can rock the color any time of year. Here are some awesome ideas to give you some inspiration.

1. Green Gradient

This green gradient look is so fun and creative. You’re going to love rocking this look on your very own nails.

gradient green nails
Credit: thestudiobabe

2. Mint Green Nails

These beautiful mint green nails include fun variations. Some nails are fully covered, while others have a beautiful French tip design. These are the perfect everyday nails.

seafoam green nails
Credit: _nailsbybethany

3. Wavy Greens

I love how these nails feature a fun wavy green design on part of the nail. These nails are perfect for an everyday look.

green swirl nails
Credit: abigailchater

4. Abstract Zebra Print nails

These long stiletto nails feature neon green nail polish on the tips and cool black swirls. These nails have a cool abstract zebra design perfect for anyone looking for a creative design.

green zebra nails
Credit: alosbeautybar

5. Different Animal Prints

If you love animal print designs, get creative with these fun animal print nails. Choose from cow print, leopard print, crocodile print, and more.

animal print nails
Credit: alyssanailtech

6. Green Glitter and Snakes

Make your nails stand out with this fun and edgy look. Black acrylic nails are decked out with green glitter. Not only that, but the ring finger includes a simple snake design.

green snake nails
Credit: ashnailed_it

7. Seafoam Green with Gold Swirls

These seafoam green nails with elegant gold swirls are perfect for any occasion. From weddings, to the workplace, to a night out, these nails look great anywhere. Dress up your look with yellow gold rings on every finger.

Seafoam Green with Gold Swirls
Credit: claw_queen

8. Short and Modern Green Nails

If you want something simple and modern, give this look a try. These short stiletto style nails include different shades of green swirls.

short stiletto nails
Credit: d.nailparadise

9. Add Gold Flakes

If you love the look of gold flakes on nails, these nails should provide you with some pretty nice inspiration for your next set of green nails.

green and gold marble nails
Credit: diamond.studio.wroclaw

10. Simple Green nails

If you’re looking for a nail look that’s simple and works well for any nail shape and size, these are perfect. This nail polish is a part of Essie’s midsummer collection. The color is called field of dreams.

simple green nails
Credit: emmaheartssnails

11. Crocodile Print Design

If you love the crocodile print look, I think you’ll be interested in these fun crocodile print nails. They have a hint of glitter to give them that special appearance.

Green holiday nails
Credit: gloss_la

12. Trendy Acrylic Nails

These acrylic nails are super trendy and will get you tons of compliments from your friends. Choose different shades of green for the ultimate look.

modern green and blue nails
Credit: labeaute4u

13. Green French Tips

These beautiful almond nails feature beautiful shades of green on the tips of the nails. The green emerald ring makes these nails stand out even more.

green ombre nails
Credit: laurenlottiec

14. Natural Nail Design

If you’re looking for a nail design that would look great on your natural nails, here’s a design that’s just perfect. Of course, this design would look great on acrylics too.

green french tip
Credit: lh.nails.beauty

15. Shades of Green

French tip nails don’t have to be white. Play around using one or multiple shades of green for each nail. This look would also go great with almond-shaped nails.

green ombre tips
Credit: melaninwoman_

16. Green Leopard Print

If you love leopard print, gives these green leopard print nails a try. I like how the artist used a glossy and vibrant solid green color on two of the nails. These nails are creative and so fun and elegant. For more animal print nails, check out our post featuring 17 Beautiful Cow Print Nail Designs

green leopard print nails
Credit: magdula.es

17. Camouflage Nails

Fans of camouflage will love rocking these creative nails. Get each of your nails done with the camo pattern, or include a different design on each nail.

green camo nails
Credit: elissamari_beautysalon

18. Brown and Mint Green

I love how these nails add just a touch of green to each nail. This design is absolutely fabulous and so unique.

green nails with dip powder
Credit: nailedbyann_chicago

19. Green Matte nails

Lovers of matte nails will enjoy these green matte nails. This design features nails covered in a solid color, as well as nails with a cool swirl design. This design would also look great with glossy nail polish.

matte green nails
Credit: nailgouveia


If you’ve never gotten a cuffed nail design, now is the perfect time. If you don’t know about cuffed nails, they’re simply nails that have a curved design along the cuticle area of the nail. These jungle green cuffed nails are great for the holidays too!

green nails with gold cuffs
Credit: the_nailbae

21. Green Leopard Print

Yes, you can have green leopard print nails. I think that this design would also look great if you replace the green with pink.

leopard green nails
Credit: nailzbynesa

22. Simple and Classic

You can’t go wrong with a simple and classic look such as this. Plus, you don’t have to go to a nail salon to get this look. Choose your favorite shade of green, and paint your own gorgeous nails.

seafoam real nails
Credit: paging_dr_mani

Green is a great color for all seasons. Whether you’re looking to add some life to your spring wardrobe or just want something that will help you feel fresh and renewed, these green nail designs are perfect! I hope this post has helped inspire you in your search for new nail art ideas.

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