14 Handmade Watercolor Bookmarks for Book Lovers

Book lovers will be impressed by these creative watercolor bookmarks from some pretty talented artists.

From original prints, to hand-painted pieces, to personalized options, you’re sure to find the perfect bookmark for yourself or a friend.

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1. Constellation Cat Watercolor Bookmark

Constellation Cat Watercolor Bookmark

If you love cats, this constellation cat watercolor bookmark is perfect for you. It also makes a wonderful gift for friends and family. It has a watercolor design with galaxy and floral details. Get the bookmark from Mirkwood Scribes.

2. Proverbs 27:9 Bookmark

Proverbs 27:9 Bookmark

This bookmark comes in a set of 4, making it the perfect gift for your bible study group. The quote says “sweet friendships refresh the soul.” Get the bookmark from A. Krause Studio.

3. Forest Themed Watercolor Bookmarks

Forest Themed Watercolor Bookmarks

This listing is for bookmarks that have been made from prints of original watercolor paintings. The bookmarks are available in four different forest designs, with or without inspirational quotes. Get the bookmarks from Naomi Witzke Art.

4. Handmade Watercolor Bookmarks

Handmade Watercolor Bookmarks

These gorgeous handmade watercolor bookmarks are double-sided and laminated. The “Surprise Me” option gets you two bookmarks for the price of one. Get the bookmarks from Syds Art Co.

5. Robin Watercolor Bookmark

Robin Watercolor Bookmark

If you love the robin bird, I think you’ll really love and appreciate this simple watercolor bookmark. Get the bookmark from Artnette Kunst.

6. Colorful Watercolor Landscapes

Colorful Watercolor Landscapes

If you’re looking for watercolor landscape bookmarks, you’ll love these vibrant and colorful bookmarks. Choose between 7 different styles or purchase them all. Get the bookmarks from Neko Jinny.

7. Colorful Watercolor Landscapes Part 2

Colorful Watercolor Landscapes Part 2

Neko Jinny also has a second collection of landscape bookmarks that you can check out. This set features 5 different designs to choose from, or you can purchase all 5. Get the bookmarks from Neko Jinny.

8. Feminine Bookmark Set

feminine bookmark set

Gift yourself a little something with this feminine bookmark set. This also makes a great gift for the bookworm in your life. Get the bookmark set from Alliterates.

9. Elk Watercolor Bookmark

Elk Watercolor Bookmark

Purchase just one or all four of these amazing wilderness themed watercolor bookmarks. I love the quote that says “to be great is to be misunderstood.” This quote is from as essay titled Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Get the bookmark from Mirkwood Scribes.

10. Rainy Autumn Window Bookmark

watercolor rain bookmark

These rainy autumn window bookmark is absolutely stunning. You’re going to love bookmarking your page with this creative piece of art. Get the bookmark from Rustic Pages Co.

11. Watercolor Pine Forest Bookmarks

Watercolor Pine Forest Bookmarks

Purchase just one, or a complete set of 4 of these bookmarks. The back side of these bookmarks include some amazing quotes from Ernest Hemingway.

12. Personalized Watercolor Bookmarks

Personalized Watercolor Bookmarks

These personalized watercolor bookmarks are the ultimate gift idea for your friends and family that love to read. Get your bookmarks personalized with the names of your choice. Get the bookmarks from Bee Bee’s Letters.

13. Mountain Landscape Bookmarks

Mountain Landscape Bookmarks

These watercolor and gouache bookmarks are so simple and elegant. If you love the look of mountain landscapes, you’ll love using these bookmarks while reading your favorite book. Get the bookmarks from Dream Pop Art.

14. Hand-Painted Watercolor Flower

hand-painted Watercolor Flower

This watercolor flower bookmark is hand-painted by the artist, and is not a print. That means your bookmark will have that special touch that only handmade items can give. Get the bookmark from Golii Art Shop.

If you love to read, these bookmark designs are perfect for you. They’re not only creative and unique but they also have a personal touch that will make your reading experience all the more enjoyable.

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