I Made the Hello Kitty Plushie (Crochet Pattern)

Recently, my nephew requested that I make him a crochet Hello Kitty Plushie. Surprisingly, there weren’t many patterns online for a plushie Hello Kitty.

But with some searching, I found a cute pattern from the crochet artist Cat of CatCrochets. Cat is an amigurumi designer offering many cute and free crochet plush patterns.

Hello Kitty complete

1. What’s the name of the crochet pattern I’m reviewing today?

Hello Kitty Pattern (pattern link)

2. Who is the designer behind this pattern?


3. How would I rate the difficulty level of this pattern on a scale from 1 to 10?

6/10. I think that this pattern would be good for the adventurous beginner.

4. What type of yarn did I use for this project?

I used Chenille Home Slim by Loops and Threads. While this yarn is super soft, it sheds all over the place. I understand this is the nature of using plush yarn, but this brand shed more than usual for me. That being said, it creates such a beautiful finished project that I think it’s worth the hassle.

5. Approximately how long did it take me to complete this project?

One Week

6. Were the instructions easy to follow, or did I sometimes find them confusing?

Overall, I found the instructions to be easy to follow. But I did have a few challenges, which I’ll explain below.

Hello Kitty head

7. What challenges, if any, did I encounter while working on this pattern?

The biggest issue I ran into was getting the shape of the head correct. With crochet toys, I am used to working in the round via a magic ring. However, with this pattern, you’re told to crochet on one side of the chain and then repeat on the other side of the chain.

Initially, I found this part to be a little confusing because I wasn’t sure how the finished piece would turn into a round head. I also had trouble keeping the stitch count correct, which was affecting the shape as well.

I had to restart the head a few times to ensure I had the correct number of stitches. It can be difficult to see your stitches with plush yarns.

Another aspect of the head that confused me was that in the finished photo, Hello Kitty’s head is somewhat flat-looking. However, her head is round like a ball in the progress photos. So, I wasn’t sure what look I was supposed to be going for.

Finally, it would have been helpful if finished measurements were included. I had no idea how large or small the doll would turn out, and mine came out much larger than I expected.

Hello Kitty legs

8. Am I happy with the final result?

Yes! Once I completed the head, the process went by pretty smoothly. I’m thrilled with how it turned out, and my nephew loves his crochet Hello Kitty.

9. Is there anything I would change or do differently if I were to work on this pattern again?

No, I wouldn’t do anything differently.

I hope this review has given you all the information you need to create your adorable Hello Kitty crochet plush toy. Crocheting has always been a form of self-expression, and it’s even more special when you can create something as cute and iconic as Hello Kitty.

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