Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board Ideas for 2023

Hot chocolate charcuterie (pronounced shahr-ku-tuh-ree) boards are the ultimate festive treat for your friends and loved ones. Not only that, but they’re a simple way to impress your family and guests at any holiday party or get together.

Simply find a board or large platter and pile it high with yummy hot chocolate treats like marshmallows, candy canes, sprinkles, and more. You can also add sweet treats such as cookies and chocolates.

The best part is that you don’t need a recipe to make your own attractive board. If you’re looking for hot chocolate charcuterie board ideas, look no further than the ideas we’ve curated below.

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Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board Essentials

Below are just a few goodies that you can add to your charcuterie board. For more ideas, make sure you check out this post from No 2. Pencil where they share their favorite Hot Chocolate Dessert Charcuterie Board treats.

board with candy

Credit: anintrovertedblogger

board with tea and candy bars

Credit: buildingthebairds

Rae Dunn Theme

Pull out your holiday-themed Rae Dunn collection and serve up some hot chocolate with all the fixings. This simple charcuterie board includes graham crackers, sprinkles, whipped cream, and more. Don’t forget to add a few decor elements around your board for the ultimate festive look.

rae dunn charcuterie board

Credit: carpenterswifeadventures

pink marshmallow charcuterie board

Credit: countpinkula

Don’t Forget The Biscotti Biscuits

Biscotti biscuits make a great addition to any charcuterie board. They taste wonderful when dipped in hot chocolate, coffee, and even tea. Dress up your board by using these gourmet Barnett’s Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti.

barnetts gourmet chocolate biscotti

Credit: elmfauxfarm

santa claus mug

Credit: giggleliving

Blue Color Theme

Choose a festive color theme for your hot chocolate charcuterie board. This board is using a blue and white theme. Other great Christmas color ideas are red, green, gold, and silver. Don’t forget to include cookies that match your color scheme.

blue and white charcuterie board

Credit: house_of_goldies

hot chocolate bombs

Credit: hiddengemcookieco

Load It Up With Goodies

Load up your hot chocolate board with plenty of goodies. This board is loaded with pirouette cookies, cookies and cream chocolate bars, peppermints, and even pretzels.

hot chocolate charcuterie board

Credit: melindaabarr

hot chocolate bar

Credit: mysweetmess

Make it Elegant

Who says a fun board can’t also be an elegant board. This dessert charcuterie board will impress children and adults alike. Serve your hot chocolate with gingerbread cookies, Oreos, and marshmallow snowmen. Don’t forget to include garnish such as rosemary, cinnamon sticks, and holiday ornaments.

fancy dessert board

Credit: north.east.mama

hot chocolate bar and charcuterie board

Credit: oakvillecharcuterie

Marshmallow Twists

Having a little fun by adding a variety of marshmallows to your board. This dessert board includes marshmallow twists that make a great addition to any hot chocolate board.

hot chocolate toppings

Credit: peachesandchevre

charcuterie board with peppermint patties


Whether you’re looking for a last minute, easy make-ahead dessert to share with friends and family or want an impressive dessert board that will wow your holiday party guests, a hot chocolate charcuterie board is sure to please.

You can easily customize your board by choosing from a wide variety of topping and snack ideas. I hope you were able to find plenty of inspiration with these hot chocolate charcuterie boards.

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