How to Create a Post in WordPress

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In this WordPress tutorial we will discuss how to create a post in WordPress. If you are not sure what a post is, please view our article on The Difference Between Posts and Pages.

How to Create a Post in WordPress

To get started, you first want to go to your wp-admin and click on Posts > Add New.

how to create a post in wordpress

1. This is where you will insert your post title.

2. This is where you will type and format your post content.

3. Once you have inserted your post title and content, you can assign the post to a category. Categories are a way to organize your posts by grouping them to related posts. For example, if you have a food blog, your category for a cookie recipe might be “Dessert.” Categories are helpful for your readers because it makes it easier for them to find specific content.

4. You also have the option to add tags to your posts. Tags are similar to categories, but more specific (they describe your posts in more detail). For example, lets say you have given your post the category “Dessert.” You may want to use tags such as “cookies” and “chocolate.”

5. This is where you will add a featured image to your post. This image will represent your post content.

6. Once you have completed the above steps, you can now choose from the following:

  • Save Draft – allows you to save your post as a draft.
  • Preview – allows you to preview your post before publishing.
  • Visibility – allows you to determine who see’s your post. The options available are “Public,” “Private,” and “Password Protected.”
  • Publish immediately  this option is directly below “Visibility.” With this option you can schedule your post to publish on a specific date and time by clicking Edit.
  • Move to trash – this option allows you to move your post to the trash.
  • Publish – click this button once you’re ready to publish your post.

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