4 Ways to Diversify Your Blog Traffic and Get More Pageviews

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If you’re looking for ways to diversify your blog traffic and get more page views, keep reading!

In a past blog post, I wrote about the importance of not relying solely on Pinterest for your blog traffic. As a blogger, it’s so important that you not rely on one source for all of your traffic.

If Pinterest accounts for 90% of your traffic, what will you do if Pinterest makes changes that cause that number to drop significantly? It can happen, and it has happened to many bloggers who have relied on one traffic source for the vast majority of their traffic.

So let’s talk about 4 things you can do to diversify your blog traffic and increase your page views.

1. Work on SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of getting organic (free) traffic to your blog via search engines like Google or Yahoo. Getting your blog posts in search engines is a great way to diversify your traffic. In order to be ranked higher in search engines, you want to make sure your blog posts are optimized for search engines.

To learn more about search engine optimizing your content, check out my post SEO for Beginners: How to Craft the Perfect SEO Blog Post.

2. Get on Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest is a visual search engine? People are going to Pinterest to do searches just as would a search engine like Google or Yahoo. If you’re not pinning your content to Pinterest, I guarantee that you’re missing out on free traffic to your blog. I believe that Pinterest can be beneficial for any blogging niche. It’s just a matter of testing out different images, titles, and techniques until you find what works.

To learn how I increased my traffic with Pinterest, read my posts How I Dramatically Increased My Traffic With Pinterest and How to Get Your First 100,000 Pageviews from Pinterest.

3. Ask People to Share Your Content

Having your content shared by others is an excellent way to have your content exposed to a new audience. Here are a few ways to go about having your content shared by others:

  • Ask you readers to share your content. Be sure to have share buttons on your blog.
  • Ask other bloggers to share your content. Smart Blogger has a great post on blogger outreach if you want to learn more about connecting with other bloggers.
  • Create an expert roundup post and ask the experts to share the post. You can learn more about expert rounds in my post 8 Ways to Promote Your Blog (check out tip #8).

4. Join Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are where it’s at when it comes to connecting with other bloggers and promoting your content. Here are a few groups I recommend.

Promotion Groups

Groups to Connect With Other Bloggers (non promotion)

I recommend spending 45-60 minutes each day in these groups helping others, connecting with bloggers in your niche, and promoting your content.

When implementing new strategies, it’s going to take time before you see results. I’ve implemented techniques that took over a year before I began seeing results. Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results.