How to Grant Admin Rights in Blogger

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In this tutorial I’ll show you how to grant admin rights in Blogger.

As the administrator of your blog, you have the ability to add additional authors (can only create or edit their own posts) or administrators (has control over the blog settings, template, and all posts and pages).

Whenever I install a premade or custom design onto a Blogger blog, I ask for temporary admin rights. By receiving these rights, I am able to install the template, widgets, and any additional features required for the design.

Admin rights should only be granted to people you trust, as this will give them full control over your blog (they will have as much power as you have).

How to Grant Admin Rights in Blogger

1. Sign in to Blogger and go to Settings > Permissions. Now click on Add authors.


2. Enter the email address of the person you would like to grant as an author or admin.

3. Click on the invite authors button. Blogger will now send this person an invite. After accepting the invite  (you will receive an email when the invite has been accepted), they will automatically be an author of your blog.

4. To grant admin rights, once the invite is accepted, go back to Settings > Permissions, click on the arrow next to Author and select Admin. You have now granted admin rights.


How to Remove An Author or Admin

In Blogger, go to Settings > Permissions and click on the x located next to person you would like to remove.

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