How to Password Protect Your Posts in WordPress

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Have you ever wanted to create a post or page in WordPress for your eyes only, or perhaps the eyes of a selected group only? If so, you should find this tutorial helpful. In this tutorial we’ll go over how to password protect posts in WordPress.

How to Password Protect Posts in WordPress

To start, in your wp-admin, create a new post or page by going to “posts > add new” or “page > add new.”

In the Publish panel, there is an option called “Visibility” that is set to make your posts public by default. To change this option to password protected, click “Edit” next to Visibility in the Publish panel. Next select “Password protected.”

password protected

How to Password Protect Posts in WordPress

Now, enter your desired password into the Password box and click “OK.”

After you publish your post, WordPress will prompt you for the password on the password protected post. After you have done this once, WordPress will securely store the password with your browser so that you don’t have to enter it again.

I hope you found this tutorial for password protecting your WordPress posts helpful. Leave a comment below for any questions or feedback.