How to Remove Yourself from Google Analytics Data

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If you’re using Google Analytics to monitor your blog traffic, you’ll want to make sure your own visits to your blog aren’t being counted. Removing yourself from your Google Analytics data is pretty simple.

There are multiple ways to exclude yourself from Google Analytics. The approach I’m sharing is called IP filtering, which means we’ll be stopping Google Analytics from tracking your home IP address.

Before we get started, you must have Google Analytics installed on your site. If you need assistance with this, be sure to read How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress.

How to Remove Yourself from Google Analytics Data

1. If you don’t know your IP Address, visit the website What’s My IP and copy your IP address from the top of the page.


2. Go to your Google Analytics profile and navigate to Admin > View > Filters.


3. Click on the red + Add Filter button.


4. Input the following:

  • Filter Name: Home IP
  • Filter Type: Custom > Exclude > IP Address
  • Filter Pattern: Paste your IP address in this box. Save your changes.

After completing these steps, Google Analytics will no longer track your home IP page views.

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