How to Use Facebook Groups for Your Blog without Getting Overwhelmed

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One of the best decisions I’ve ever made is when I decided to start my own blog.

One of the most amazing changes to my blog game happened when I started utilizing Facebook Groups.

I saw huge changes in my traffic and interactions almost instantly, so if you haven’t given Facebook Groups a shot yet, I highly recommend doing so ASAP.

That being said, when I first started joining Facebook Groups, I got completely overwhelmed.

Because I’m a millennial to the core and have used a personal Facebook account since college, the moment I started joining groups, I felt as if my personal Facebook had disappeared.

My timeline was no longer filled with entertaining articles, or pictures of my friends and family Instead, it was people posting in my new Groups and not a whole heck of a lot else.

I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t even want to look at Facebook because it was so stressful for my mind that likes things to be neat and orderly.

The thing is, the traffic increase was remarkable.

I decided to find a way to utilize Facebook Groups for my blog without stressing me the heck out every time I logged in.

After an hour or so, I had fine-tuned this strategy that was both effective and not completely overwhelming:

How to Use Facebook Groups for Your Blog Without Getting Overwhelmed

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1. Don’t Join All the Groups Right Away

When you first start searching for relevant Facebook Groups, especially if you’re looking for “blog Groups,” there are tons of results.

I was absolutely blown away at the sight of all the little communities and immediately started clicking “join” on anything that looked like it could apply to me.

Don’t do this.

Joining too many groups too quickly is the easiest way to overwhelm yourself.

Instead, pick 3-5 Facebook Groups to try out initially.

2. Find Groups Dedicated to Your Niche

While there are some benefits to participating in the more general blogging groups (exposure to a different audience and a great place to get input on blogging techniques and advice, to name a few), you’ll get your best results in groups that are a little closer to your niche. For example, a mom blogger may want to join mom blogging groups.

Finding Facebook Groups that are close to your niche will usually:

1. Get you visible results a little faster
2. Be more fun because you’re often meeting like-minded folks
3. Reduce your stress level because you’re sharing your posts with an audience who can relate

Being in groups where your articles will be useful will go a long way in helping you be successful with Facebook groups. Find your tribe and stick with them.

3. Unfollow the Groups and Check Pages Periodically Instead

So, as I mentioned earlier, I use my personal Facebook account to keep up with my in-person friends and family members. When I log onto Facebook, I prefer seeing those sorts of posts as my default, as I have since I started using Facebook in college.

When I started joining groups, the updates and posts were completely taking over my timeline, which I absolutely hated. I aim for work-life balance, and because blogging is my work, I want to be able to check-in and check out of it periodically without feeling like it’s taking over everything.

The great thing about Facebook is you can unfollow anyone or any group you’d like, and still stay in the group or remain friends.

To unfollow the posts of a group, you simply:

1. Go to the Group Page
2. Look under the heading to find “Notifications”
3. Use the drop-down menu and select “Off” (See below)

Done! You may have to refresh your page for it to go into effect, but you will no longer have updates from the Group in your newsfeed.

Now, in doing this there is the chance that you’ll miss out on an “urgent” update from the group. For me, it’s a risk I’m more than willing to take.

Since you’re not getting updates in your newsfeed, you will need to set a time every day to go to the group page and look at the posts. I usually do this once a day. The exact schedule depends on your own availability.

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4. Use the “Save” Option as Your To-Do List

This is hands down the thing that keeps my Facebook Groups organized and not stressful to use.

A wonderful feature that Facebook has is the option to “Save” any posts that you have access to on Facebook to review later. Cool, right?

This is a super helpful little trick when you’re using Facebook Groups for your blog.

When you participate in a Facebook Group post, you’ll want to:

Click on the down arrow in the upper right-hand side of the post box to open a menu and click “Save post.” Your post is now saved.

To access the post that you’ve saved:

1. Click on “Home” at the top of your screen to go to your main Facebook feed page.
2. Find the Menu on the left-hand side of your Facebook feed page
3. Click on “Saved” (Under the “Explore” section)

That’s it! You’ll see a list of all of the posts that you’ve saved in one neat little list.

To keep it organized, make sure to “Unsave” each post that you’ve completed. (You can “unsave” the post the same way that you saved it, but click “Unsave Post” instead of “Save Post”. When you refresh your saved list, anything unsaved will be removed.

This will give you a perfect to-do list of all of the posts that you still need to do something with. So much easier than frantically searching and scrolling through each group’s page to find that one post that you’ve been looking for.

5. Only Participate in Posts That Give You Results

Give every group a chance, but you ultimately only want to invest your time and energy in Facebook Groups that you see results from.

Results from Facebook Groups can be in the form of:

Increases in web traffic

More interaction on your social media accounts and posts

Finding a tribe who will actually enjoy reading what you write

If you’re the only one participating in a Facebook Group…it’s probably time to move on to a different one. The whole point of social media is to get social, after all.

Bottom Line: Don’t be afraid of Facebook Groups. I know it can be a little intimidating if you’ve never joined one, but go ahead and try a few. Follow the above steps and stay sane while you’re using them.