How to Watercolor Paint for Beginners: Get Started With Watercolor

If you want to learn how to watercolor paint, sit back, relax, and grab yourself a snack because I have a great resource to share with you today.

If you’re a fan of watercolor, then you’ve probably heard of the artist and illustrator Anna Koliadych, also known as DearAnnArt, on Instagram.

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flower watercolor painting

Anna creates stunning step-by-step watercolor (and gouache) tutorials. Her work is incredible, and she makes watercolor painting fun and easy!

I’m a massive fan of Anna’s work, so imagine my joy when she contacted me, asking if I would be interested in taking her Get Started with Watercolor course. To say I was excited to take this course is an understatement.

watercolor butterfly

I consider myself a newbie when it comes to watercolor, and Anna made getting started so simple.

The lessons are easy to digest, and they teach you everything you need to know to get started with watercolor painting without it feeling overwhelming.

watercolor peacock feather

The course includes fun exercises, worksheets, sketches you can trace (for those who aren’t good at drawing), and more.

Additionally, once you finish the lessons, there are ten excellent step-by-step watercolor video tutorials to follow.

These tutorials will have you creating frame-worthy watercolor paintings. I decided to follow the Chocolate Cake tutorial after completing the lessons.

Here’s a picture of my finished painting. It’s not perfect, but I love it. With practice, I know I’ll get better and better!

watercolor chocolate cake

If this course sounds like something you might be interested in, keep reading. Anna was kind enough to participate in an interview about the course. Here is our interview below.

Interview with Anna Koliadych

*Update: the course is no longer available; however, you can still learn how to watercolor paint using Anna’s book 15-Minute Watercolor Masterpieces.

1. Hello Anna. I’m so happy to have you here! Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into watercolor painting?

Oh, I am so happy too 🙂 Thanks so much for this opportunity. I’m a happy mom, wife, artist, author, and founder of the Dearannart brand.

If you want to know about me in a few words, I have always wanted to be an artist since I was a young girl. In my childhood, I spent all my free time painting with gouache and watercolor.

watercolor duck tutorial

Painting was always my passion, but when it came time for me to choose between becoming an engineer or an artist as a profession.

My parents had different ideas for me; they believed being an artist wasn’t a proper choice because it’s not a “real” profession. So I ended up getting a Master’s degree in Automation and Engineering.

I have never stopped dreaming about painting and art, and one day, I got my first professional watercolor set, and from there, it all started.

watercolor owl painting

2. What motivated you to start your course, Get Started with Watercolor?

I think that, first of all, it is a desire to share my knowledge and experience in watercolor painting.

I’m always sharing my experience and skills through Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

It’s such a pleasure and joy for me to be helpful and inspire thousands of people around the World. But the course Get Started with Watercolor is a different approach.

watercolor flower tutorial

This course is kind of quintessence of everything I know in watercolor painting

All my love for this beautiful medium is concentrated in Get Started with Watercolor. It’s a short way to learn modern watercolor painting effectively.

Secondly, I wanted to create an online course I wish I found when I was a beginner in this medium. As you know, everything is born from pain.

watercolor rose tutorial

My pain when I just started painting was that I couldn’t find any course with straight-to-the-point information.

I mean nowadays, there are a lot of courses in this field, especially on well-known platforms.

watercolor landscape tutorial

Unfortunately, the quality of these courses leaves something to be desired. No one promises that you will start painting as a pro or learn this medium quickly.

This is not just from the top of my head; I have heard this from many of my students. My course is an excellent start to exploring this medium, like a door to watercolor painting.

*Update: the course is no longer available; however, you can still learn how to watercolor paint using Anna’s book 15-Minute Watercolor Masterpieces.

watercolor lemon painting

3. Should a person have some experience with watercolor before taking the course?

Nope, that is unnecessary. The course is developed for beginners and consists of a theory block and a practicing module.

Also, I included a lot of exercises and worksheets. Everything is made for practicing and enjoying watercolor.

The student can learn all the techniques and basics in watercolor painting, like color mixing, brush strokes, etc., within the basic module. Also, I have a very deep section dedicated to supplies.

watercolor heart tutorial

So my student knows what they need to purchase and also what they can buy later.

And, of course, all new knowledge has to be consolidated in practice. And for this, I have created ten amazing practicing projects.

These projects are all different and specifically designed to show the possibilities of watercolor from different angles.

watercolor egg tutorial

The themes of these projects also are different: flower painting, landscapes, the galaxy scenery, animals… As you can see in the course, there is a lot of information.

All you need to get started with watercolor with no experience at all. At the same time, you will find only important and structured information in the course, no fluff at all.

pink flower watercolor painting

4. Do you have to be good at drawing in order to watercolor?

Well, basically, yes 🙂 at least a little bit. But for my students, that is not necessary. I provide a sketch (outline) for each practicing project.

That means the student can print and trace it on watercolor paper. It’s a great way to focus on watercolor painting and feel yourself an artist.

hedgehog watercolor painting

5. Do you need expensive watercolor supplies to start the course?

To be honest, yes. Some supplies should be professional, which means expensive.

But the question here is which material must be professional and which we can save money on. And the answers to it are coming from experience.

In my course, I covered these points in detail. If, in a few words, don’t buy cheap watercolor paper or office paper. Especially if you’re a newbie in watercolor.

If you don’t have any watercolor painting supplies, I suggest investing around $40 in watercolor paints, paper, and brushes. The supply list is provided along with the course.

cactus watercolor painting

6. Your Instagram account is filled with beautiful watercolor paintings! Will the course include tutorials on creating the type of paintings we see on your Instagram account?

Some – yes. But I tried not to share on Instagram the course content and keep exclusivity to the course.

But I can assure you that my course represents the personal style of painting I share through Instagram.

fox watercolor painting

7. Some people feel that they have to be “creative people” to watercolor. What are your thoughts on this?

It is not necessary. All you need is a love to watercolor or a precise wish to get started. And, of course, practice makes everything possible.

Also, a good teacher helps and guides. To be creative or talented is something that is good :). But in reality, it works not like this, and to be passionate about something is much more important.

strawberry watercolor painting

8. Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

I wish everyone patience, which is just starting with watercolor painting or any other medium. Believe in yourself.

Whatever path you choose to learn watercolor enjoy the painting process and practice as often as you can.

If you wish to join my online course, so see you there 🙂 It will be fun, and I promise you will start painting with watercolor quickly.

watercolor apple tutorial

Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in this interview, Anna!