20 Kawaii Nail Designs That You Can’t Resist

You won’t be able to resist these kawaii nail design ideas. If you’re looking for nail designs that are cute, creative, and unique, you’re sure to find just that below.

The word kawaii has its origin in Japanese. When translated into English, kawaii simply means “cute.” It’s also used as a term to describe someone who is childlike, shy, or simply adorable.

So if you’re feeling very kawaii right now, these nails are just what you need to have fun and feel inspired.

Candy Themed Nails

candy themed nails
Credit: chanellnailz

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these pink candy themed nails. They’re so cute, and are sure to make your nails stand out. Choose your favorite color theme to make your look your own.

Spirited Away

spirited away nails
Credit: balujanails

Fans ofStudio Ghibli will love these nails. Each nail has a cute reference to the movie Spirited Away. If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend watching. It’s a great film.

Purple with a Cloud

purple kawaii nails
Credit: _nailsbykey_

These purple nails are bedazzled with fun embellishments such as a happy face cloud, cereal, rhinestones and more.

Gummy Bears

gummy bear nails
Credit: strawbabydolly

I love how these nails look like they have cute little gummy bears on them. You’ll notice that there are also rhinestones on the nail cuffs.

Kawaii Pokemon Nails

pokemon nails
Credit: rainbow.druid

Fans of Pokemon will love these kawaii nails. Each nail is represented by a different Pokemon. There’s Eevee, Vaporeon and more.

Rhinestone Hearts

90s nails
Credit: peachpopnails

These nails give off a fun ’90s vibe with the colors, design, and rhinestones. If you want to cute throwback look, give these nails a try. They’re also simple enough that you could do them yourself.

Cinnamoroll Nails

cinnamoroll Nails
Credit: nuoyee

If you enjoy pastel colors, consider a cute nail design like this one. These nails feature Cinnamoroll, a Sanrio character who was born on a cloud far up in the sky.

Sweet Treats

Kawaii Nails with candy design
Credit: nikkig.nails

Let your nails be the ultimate sweet treats. These nails are loaded with yummy candies, ice cream, cupcakes, and more.

Sweetheart Nails

Sweetheart Nails
Credit: nailssxfabi

These nails are perfect for Valentine’s Day and the month of February. Long and square acrylic nails are covered in fun heart designs that you’re going to love.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Nails
Credit: nailsbymvriv

Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? These Hello Kitty themed nails are the cutest. I also love how the acrylic nails have a pink tinge to them.

Susuwatari Design

Susuwatari Nail Design
Credit: nailsbylaureen

Susuwatari, also known as “soot sprites” are characters from the films My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. If you enjoy either of those films, these are the perfect nails for you.

Add a Bow

nails with a bow
Credit: nailsbygiigii

There’s something about the addition of the bow that I just love. It really makes these nails stand out and gives them the ultimate kawaii appearance.

Pastel Purple and Blue

Pastel Purple and Blue Nails
Credit: nailicious.m

If you’re looking for a design thats simple and great for everyday wear, try this look. It works great for acrylic and natural nails, regardless of the length.

Nails with Woodland Theme

Pastel Nails with Woodland Theme
Credit: nailedbypalma

These nails have a cute woodland theme that you’ll love rocking. I l love how they went for color that you don’t typically see with the woodland theme.

Pink Ombre Nails

Pink Ombre Nails
Credit: modifymari

Sailor Moon Nails

Sailor Moon Nails
Credit: mahounonails

I don’t know about you, but these nails definitely give me Sailor Moon vibes. I love the colors that were chosen for this set. Additionally, the shape and length of the nails is just perfect.

Simple Bear Nails

Simple Bear Nails
Credit: layoutnailsmty

If you want to keep your nails simple, but love the idea of having embellishment’s on your nails, I think you’ll love these. A cute little bear has been placed on the ring finger, while the rest of the nails have a simple nail polish color.

Glitter and Bears

Glitter and Bears nails
Credit: fleurinails

These glitter nails are absolutely adorable. They’re the perfect length for anyone who doesn’t want super long nails. They also have a design that won’t hinder any tasks you need to complete.

Red and Pink Hello Kitty

Red and Pink Hello Kitty nails
Credit: dejauwo

These Hello Kitty nails are sure to make your nails stand out. If you want a look that will receive so many compliments, this is the look for you.

Whether you’re going for a completely kawaii look or just want a few fun and quirky touches, these designs are definitely worth trying. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your next set of nails and show them off with pride.

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