15 Knit Vest Patterns to Keep You Looking Good

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Knitting is a fun and versatile craft that can be used to make all sorts of handmade items, including vests. There are many different knit vest patterns to choose from. So have fun finding the perfect one for your style.

Whether you’re looking for a simple design or something more intricate, there’s sure to be a pattern out there that’s perfect for you. Best of all, knitting a vest is a great way to use up leftover yarn from other projects.

So if you’re looking for a new project to try out, why not give knitting a vest a try? You’ll definitely end up falling in love with the finished product.

1. Arm Knit Vest

hand knit vest

This arm knit vest is super chunky and can be knit in under an hour. It uses less than 60 yards of yarn and is made using your forearms. Get the pattern from Stitch Diva Studios.

2. Delilah Sweater Vest

spring knit vest

If you’re looking for a quick and trendy knitted vest, this is the pattern for you. The entire vest takes anywhere from 8-10 hours to complete and uses a one-size-fits-most pattern. Get the pattern for the Delilah Sweater Vest.

3. Charlie Vest

trendy chunky vest

Here’s a vest that’s stylish, fun to make, and completely beginner-friendly. This vest is knitted with both straight and circular needles and requires you to sew the front and back panels together. Get the pattern for this Charlie Vest.

4. Mama Knows Vest Cardivest 

knit vest with buttons

Cadivests are just so cute, I can’t resist them. This knit vest is a seamless and cropped vest that’s perfect for using up leftover yarn. Make yours with or without the buttons. Get the pattern for the Mama Knows Vest Cardivest.

5. Easy Knit Vest

easy knit vest

If you’re looking for a traditional knit vest that makes a great gift (pattern includes 5 size options), you’re going to want to go with this free knit vest pattern. Get the pattern for this Easy Knit Vest.

6. Happy Hygge Vest

chunky pullover knit vest

I think you’ll love this chunky, textured, and cropped pullover vest. It’s perfect for layering and comes together quickly since it’s made with super bulky yarn. Get the pattern for this Happy Hygge Vest.

7. Turtleneck Vest

turtleneck knit vest

You can’t beat a warm cozy turtleneck vest in the colder months. This vest is a must-have for your fall and winter wardrobe. Get the free knit vest pattern from Yarnspirations.

8. Chunky Knitted Vest

chunky knitted vest v-neck

The adventurous beginner will love making and wearing this chunky knitted vest. I love patterns by Daisy and Peace because they’re super helpful if you ever need assistance when working through their patterns. Get the pattern for this Chunky Knitted Vest.

9. Basic Cable Vest

cropped cable stitch vest

If you’re interested in trying cables, you’ll love this cropped cable vest. The vest is made using a 1/1 left cross stitch throughout, as well as knit and purl stitches. Get the pattern for this Basic Cable Vest.

10. Eggcellent Vest

egg knit vest pattern

You’re going to get so many compliments when you wear your eggcellent vest. This vest is the ultimate statement piece that would make a pretty cool gift. Get the pattern for this Eggcelent Vest.

11. Flower Harmony Vest

springtime knit vest with flowers

Jazz up your springtime wardrobe with this floral knitted vest. It’s worked with ribbed edges, French knots, and embroidered flowers. Get the pattern for this Flower Harmony Vest.

12. Blossom Vest

daisy knit vest

Here’s another vest that’s perfect for spring. It’s also great for the summertime too. This is an intermediate-level pattern (or confident beginner). Get the pattern for this Blossom Vest.

13. Vicky’s Vest Chunky

hope macaulay style knit vest

I just love this chunky knitted vest. I think you’ll have so much fun choosing the colors for your vest. Plus, you’re going to be so excited wearing it outside. Get the pattern for the Vicky’s Vest.

14. Fuzzy Vest

fuzzy vest

Grab your favorite fuzzy yarn and get to making this lovely vest that’s available as a free pattern. The vest is lightweight and will do a great job at showcasing your yarn. Get the pattern for this Fuzzy Vest.

15. Cheyenne Sweater Vest

90s knit vest

This pattern is for a relatively basic sweater vest. Pair this vest with jeans, or layer it with a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt. No matter how you wear it though, it’s going to look great. Get the pattern for the Cheyenne Sweater Vest.

If you’re in the market for a new vest this season, I hope you were able to find your perfect knit vest. And who knows? Once you start knitting vests, you may just get addicted and want to knit them all!

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