12 Stunning Koi Fish Drawing Ideas and Paintings

Do you want to learn how to draw a koi fish? You’re in luck because I’m sharing some of the coolest, most creative koi fish drawings. They are perfect for beginners and experts alike.

The koi fish is a popular Japanese symbol and can be found in many paintings. It’s also the name of a type of ornamental carp that has been bred for color patterns, particularly red-orange on white scales with dark blue or black spots. In Japan, they are seen as symbols of courage and strength.

Keep in mind that there are so many different drawing and painting techniques out there and you’ll want to find what works best for your own style when it comes to drawing this cool fish.

I hope these drawings help spark your creativity and get the inspiration flowing.

How to Draw An Easy koi Fish

In this simple six-step tutorial, Carolina shows us how to draw an easy koi fish. To get started, step one tells you to start with a long teardrop-like shape for the body.

Step two says to add two long shapes with points on both ends to the tip of the teardrop-like body. Add lines inside for detail. Make sure you read each step if you would like to draw your own fish.

how to draw koi fish step-by-step
Artist Credit: createwithcarolina

Koi Fish Painting

Do you want to paint a koi fish but have no idea where to start? If so, this is the perfect painting reference for you. What I love about paintings is that there are many different color varieties that can be used. Have fun thinking about what type of color scheme you want to use before getting started.

koi fish acrylic painting
Artist Credit: artsy__lin

Watercolor Koi Fish

This watercolor koi fish painting is so creative and unique. I’m a big fan of watercolors, so I’m just loving this painting. I find watercolor paintings to be so refreshing to look at. They’re really one of my favorite art mediums.

koi fish watercolor painting
Artist Credit: huiyiart

Simple Koi Fish Drawing

I just love these simple step-by-step koi fish drawing tutorials. I’m super thankful to the artists that take the time out to do these.

Koi fish are some of the most popular and beloved aquatic creatures in the world. They’re bright, beautiful, and have a tail that we all love to watch swim through water. It’s no wonder we find them to be so fun to draw, am I right?

how to draw kio fish for bullet journal
Artist Credit: gummy_bujo

Koi Fish with Blue Waters

What I love about this piece is how the artist used their creativity to produce a piece of art that fits their style. When drawing or painting, always keep in mind that you can create anything you want and combine it with the colors, patterns, and textures that make you happy.

koi fish with blue water
Artist Credit: amateur_art.doodle

Four Koi Fish

What a wonderful drawing. The artist has created four different koi fish with different colors and patterns. They did a great job drawing the natural movement of the fish too.

You know, there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting by the pond and watching the fish swim around. I’ve always loved sketching, but it was only recently that I learned how to draw koi fish. It’s so much fun to see what different patterns and colors you can come up with.

four large koi fish
Artist Credit: nic.infante
how to draw koi fish tutorial
Artist Credit: lilou.bujo
koi fish sketch
Artist Credit: reezus_arts
orange koi fish watercolor
Artist Credit: renolivia
four koi fish in water
Artist Credit: soyena_illustrations
blue and red koi fish
Artist Credit: yi.inks

Drawing koi fish can be a great way to express your creativity. I hope you enjoyed checking out these references along with the tips for drawing them.

Feel free to share with friends or family who like art too. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out some of my other art posts below.

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