27 Beautiful Lavender Drawing Ideas

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Are you in need of some creative inspiration for your next flower drawing? Below, I’ll show you some gorgeous lavender drawings to add to your sketchbook.

Not only is lavender a radiant flower with shades of purple and a calming scent, but it also makes for a great subject for art.

So get your pencils, papers, and imagination ready as we dive into the world of beautiful lavender flower drawings and paintings.

1. Small Lavender Bouquet Drawing

Small Lavender Bouquet Drawing
iStock/Mariia Vasilenko

This lavender drawing is simply beautiful. The shades of purple and green combine to create a simple yet excellent work of art.

2. Sprig of Lavender

Sprig of Lavender
iStock/Anna Leskinen

This sprig of lavender has done a great job of capturing the elegance of the flower. A sprig is a small bunch of branches or flowers typically used as decoration.

3. Simple Lavender Branches

Simple Lavender Branches
iStock/Anastasia Chukanova

This drawing of five lavender branches features different shades of purple, making it stand out in a lovely way. This would be a great watercolor painting project.

4. Nine Lavender Doodles

Nine Lavender Doodles

Here’s a drawing of nine cute lavender doodles that is excellent for anyone who loves bringing fun and simplicity into their artwork. Get creative with the different shapes of your flowers.

5. Hand Drawn Lavender Twigs

Hand Drawn Lavender Twigs

This drawing of twigs featuring lavender flowers is the definition of simplistic beauty. It’s terrific for those who love to add a touch of charm to their flower drawing sketchbook.

6. Bouquet of Lavender Flowers

Bouquet of Lavender Flowers
iStock/Ekaterina Kobzeva

The artist has done a fantastic job with coloring these flowers. The drawing is so realistic that you can almost smell the aroma of the lavender flowers.

7. Deconstructed Lavender Flower Drawing

Deconstructed Lavender Flower Drawing
iStock/Anya Kami

This drawing showcases the lavender flower in its deconstructed form. We see the flower as a bouquet, single twigs, flower petals, and leaves.

8. Flat Grass Lavender

Flat Grass Lavender

Drawing flat grass lavender draws the eye with its fullness and muted colors. This reference allows you to explore different artistic styles and techniques.

9. Provence Watercolor Flowers

Provence Watercolor Flowers
iStock/Alina Nikitaeva

Did you know that lavender is the iconic flower of Provence, France? This watercolor painting of a Provencal flower is a nice way to bring a touch of French charm into your artwork.

10. Lavender Tied with Twine

Lavender Tied with Twine
iStock/Natalia Ivonina

A stunning drawing of lavender tied with twine is a lovely way to show off its attractiveness. Something like this would make great handmade wall art.

11. Lavender Drawing using Colored Pencil

Lavender Drawing using Colored Pencil

If you prefer to use colored pencils for your art, this drawing is a great reference. Adding color allows you to bring out the vibrancy of this gorgeous flower.

12. Three Easy Lavender Flowers

Three Easy Lavender Flowers

This simple and easy drawing of three lavender flowers is ideal for anyone looking to add an element of simplicity to their art. This is great for a quick warm-up sketch.

13. Closeup of Lavender Flowers

Closeup of Lavender Flowers

Here’s a charming closeup of lavender flowers. Doing something like this is a great way to show off the beauty of these small blooms.

14. Single Lavender Flower

Single Lavender Flower
iStock/Irina Pygacheva

You can apply the unique concept for this illustration to different flower drawings if you like the idea. Some examples are a sunflower drawing or a tulip drawing.

15. Stunning Watercolor Lavender Illustration

Stunning Watercolor Lavender Illustration
iStock/Inna Sinano

Here’s an incredible watercolor painting of lavender, with its vibrant shades of purple and gentle brush strokes.

16. Line Drawing of Lavender

Line Drawing of Lavender
iStock/Anastasia Zimina

This simple line drawing of a lavender flower is the perfect way to show off the beauty of nature in its simplest form.

17. Envelope with Lavender Flowers

Envelope with Lavender Flowers
iStock/Fumiko Inoue

An envelope with lavender flowers adds a romantic touch to any drawing or painting. It’s perfect for those who love to create romantic scenes.

These are just some of the many fantastic lavender flower drawings out there. So, if you’re looking for lavender drawing ideas, these should give you plenty of inspiration.

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