Learn How to Draw Cute Females from the Artist Christina Lorre

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Are you an aspiring artist looking for a new source of inspiration when drawing cute girl characters?

Then you have to check out the mind-blowing sketches by the artist Christina Lorre (A.K.A. RAW Sueshii), one of today’s most talented digital artists. Christina creates gorgeous and trendy digital art, coloring books, helpful tutorials, fashion accessories, and more. This artist has it all covered!

And with a seemingly endless supply of creativity, you will find plenty of awe-inspiring work to draw motivation from. Read on to discover fantastic art from Christina’s inspiring journey, and check out their online store for Procreate sets, gifts, books, tutorials, and more.

Additionally, when possible, I’ll share links to Christina’s drawing tutorials on Youtube or her Patreon, where she shares step-step tutorials.

1. Cute Girl with Braids

Cute Girl with Braids Drawing
Credit: rawsueshii

This cute girl sketch is perfect for showing off your drawing skills. She’s wearing a simple and has her hair in braids. Let your imagination run wild. Watch the tutorial showing you How to Draw a Cute Girl with Braids.

2. Girl with Space Buns

Girl with Space Buns Drawing
Credit: rawsueshii

This sketch is genuinely out of this world. It features a girl with space buns and a cute heart necklace. The simplicity makes it perfect for adding color to the artwork.

3. Trendy Mermaid Drawing

Trendy Mermaid Drawing
Credit: rawsueshii

This drawing features a modern mermaid with long, flowing hair. This sketch will take your artwork to the next level.

4. Stylish Girl Sketch

Stylish Girl Sketch
Credit: rawsueshii

This sketch is so stylish. It shows a girl with locs and a heart-shaped necklace, which makes it perfect for anyone looking to make a statement. You can use this piece of art as inspiration for your own creations. Watch the draw with me for this Stylish Girl Sketch.

5. Girl Making a Shocked Expression

Girl Making a Shocked Expression Drawing
Credit: rawsueshii

This artwork is great for anyone who wants to capture a moment of surprise or shock. The girl looks like she’s in disbelief, and it’s sure to make anyone smile.

6. Cute Girl Wearing Glasses

Cute Girl Wearing Glasses Drawing
Credit: rawsueshii

Show off your skills with this adorable drawing of a girl wearing glasses. With her cute glasses and hairstyle, this sketch will inspire some creative ideas. Watch the video showing you How to Draw from Your Imagination.

7. Girl with Goddess Locs

Girl with Goddess Locs Drawing
Credit: rawsueshii

This sketch features a girl wearing a cute floral swimsuit and sporting some long goddess locs. This artwork is the perfect way to show off your style and creativity.

8. Girl with Box Braids

Girl with Box Braids Drawing
Credit: rawsueshii

Get ready to put your pencils to work with this fantastic sketch of a girl wearing box braids. Not only is it an incredibly stylish look, but it’s also a great reference for any artist exploring different hairstyles. Watch the tutorial showing you How to Draw Box Braids.

9. She is Clothed with Strength

Strong woman drawing
Credit: rawsueshii

This drawing represents a woman who has gone through a lot, but God always brings her through.

“The three hearts that have bandages with the crosses represent the Holy Trinity (God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit); even though she has gone through things, God has always saved her and been her fortress. “

10. Kawaii Girl Drawing

Kawaii Girl Drawing
Credit: rawsueshii

This drawing is super cute, and the addition of the stars makes it even more adorable. Watch the tutorial teaching you How to Draw a Cute Face.

11. Dolores Madrigal Sketches

Dolores Madrigal Sketches
Credit: rawsueshii

I love this page filled with Dolores Madrigal sketches. In case you didn’t know, Dolores is a character from the movie Encanto. You can watch the Draw with Me for this Sketch via YouTube.

12. Girl Making Different Poses

Girl Making Different Poses Drawing
Credit: rawsueshii

This sketch shows a girl making different poses. It’s perfect for anyone looking to practice their drawing skills and capture the beauty of female expressions. Watch the Sketch with Me for this drawing.

13. Girl Surrounded by Flowers

Girl Surrounded by Flowers Drawing
Credit: rawsueshii

This sketch is perfect for any artist looking to not only draw a cute girl but add additional background elements. Featuring a girl surrounded by flowers, this drawing is sure to bring out the best in you.

14. Girl Drinking Boba

Girl Drinking Boba Drawing
Credit: rawsueshii

Let your creativity flow with this sketch of a girl drinking boba. You can incorporate vibrant colors to help your artwork stand out even more.

15. Girl Surrounded by Butterflies

Girl Surrounded by Butterflies
Credit: rawsueshii

Here’s a sketch featuring a girl surrounded by beautiful butterflies. Not only is it gorgeous and whimsical, but it also provides an excellent challenge for any artist. Get ready to dive in and have some fun.

16. Three Girl Sketches

Three Girl Sketches
Credit: rawsueshii

Ready to practice your skills? This amazing set of three sketches featuring three different females is the perfect way to warm up. Watch the Draw with Me for this sketch.

17. Girl Making an Expression

Girl Making an Expression
Credit: rawsueshii

It’s fun to try drawing different facial expressions now and then. In this sketch, the girl looks like she’s upset about something. Watch the time-lapse of this drawing.

18. How to Draw from References

How to Draw from References
Credit: rawsueshii

Christina provided a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw from references. Join her Patreon Sueshii Roll Tier for monthly tutorials like this one.

19. How to Draw Action Poses

 How to Draw Action Poses
Credit: rawsueshii

Here’s another awesome tutorial available on RAW Sueshii’s Patreon. This drawing showcases a woman in an action pose, which is pretty cool.

20. Cute Flower Girl Drawing

Cute Flower Girl Drawing
Credit: rawsueshii

This sketch showcases a woman with a flower in her hand. You can use this image to express emotions, from peace to happiness. Learn How to Draw a Girl Flower Girl.

Learning to draw cute and trendy females can be a great way to develop your creativity and talent. You can bring your artwork to life and express different emotions with these sketches. Good luck!

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