How to Make Your Own “Tweet This” Links

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A few weeks ago I found myself in need of a “tweet this” link. I had seen them before, but I had no idea how to make one myself.

“Tweet this” links make it easy for people to share your content on Twitter.

Here’s an example of a tweetable link:

Learn how to make your links tweetable with this simple tutorial.Tweet This!

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make your own “tweet this” links. Lets get started.

How to Make Your Own “Tweet This” Links

1). Go to Click to Tweet.

You must sign in with your Twitter account to use this service. To do this, click on Sign in with Twitter to get started.


Next click on Authorize app to authorize Click to Tweet to use your account.


If you’re prompted to provide your email address, you can provide your email address for updates and alerts. I chose not to provide my email address.

2). In the Message you would like to tweet box, type the text you want to be tweeted. I also add my Twitter handle and a link to my blog post.


When you paste your link in the box, click to tweet will automatically shorten your link if you check the “Track links in this tweet” box. I uncheck this box, and shorten my links using Bitly. I prefer this method because I like using Bitly to shorten and track my links.

*Update 5/20/2016: Twitter has announced that they will stop counting links in the 140 character limit. 

If you would rather have Click to Tweet shorten your links, you can skip this next section which shows you how to shorten your links using Bitly.

Quick Tutorial: How to Shorten Your Links With Bitly.

1). Copy your link (for example, the link to your blog post) then go to Bitly and paste your link in the box. Click on shorten.


2). After clicking on shorten, you’ll be given your shortened link. Copy this link and paste it in your Message you would like tweeted box on the Click to Tweet website.


Back to The Original Tutorial

3). Once your tweet looks how you want it to look, click on Generate New Link.


4). You’ll then be taken to a page that has your tweetable link. You will find the link in the upper right hand corner of the page next to Link Details.

Click on the box with the two sheets of paper to copy the link.


5). To use this link in your blog post (for example), within the post editor you’ll:

a) Highlight the text you want to make tweetable.

tweet-this-preview (1)

b) Click on the Insert/edit link button.


c) Paste your link into the box and apply.


I hope you found this tutorial for making a tweetable link helpful. Leave any questions in the comments below and I’ll see if I can help.