6 Easy Ways to Make Your Eyebrows Grow Faster

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So you want to make your eyebrows grow faster? I have some good news for you. With the right tools and techniques, you can grow fuller eyebrows fast.

Over time, I’ve discovered a few things you can do to promote eyebrow growth and I’m going to share them with you below.

1. Stop Over Tweezing Your Eyebrows

I know this might be challenging, but try your best not to tweeze your eyebrows for at least a month. I did this with my own eyebrows, and they are fuller than they’ve ever been.

While tweezing your eyebrows is a great way to shape them, it’s easy to end up over-plucking them, which can interrupt your brows follicle growth. This can cause your eyebrows to grow back thinner.

Give your eyebrows a break to make sure you aren’t doing anything to stunt follicle growth. If you have to pluck a hair here or there, that’s okay.

But don’t worry about making your eyebrows look perfect during this time. Trust me, they will look great when you let them grow back in!

2. Apply Castor Oil to Your Eyebrows

Castor oil is a natural remedy that many believe helps promote hair growth. Years ago a friend recommended that I try castor oil for my own eyebrows.

I started applying a thin layer of castor oil every night before bed and within a few weeks, my eyebrows felt and looked thicker.

3. Massage Your Eyebrows

An eyebrow massage will not only feel good, but it could also help to improve the look of your brows.

Massaging the area around your eyebrows can increase blood flow and promote hair growth.

To give yourself an eyebrow massage, use your fingertips to gently rub the area around your eyebrows in a circular motion.

4. Use an Eyebrow Growth Serum

There are many products on the market that promise to help you grow your eyebrows thicker and faster.

Most of these eyebrow growth serums have been designed to improve the thickness of your eyebrow hairs, and possibly improve growth. However, according to Cosmopolitan, it should be noted that these effects can take anywhere from 3-6 months to see results.

5. Exfoliate Your Eyebrows

Just like the skin on your face, the skin around your eyebrows can benefit from exfoliation. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells and can unclog pores, which could improve the appearance of your eyebrows. It can also help to stimulate hair growth.

You can make your own exfoliating scrub by mixing sugar or sea salt with olive oil or coconut oil. Or you can buy an exfoliating product that’s designed for use on the face.

6. Reduce Your Stress

This one is probably easier said than done, but if you can find ways to reduce your stress levels, your eyebrows will likely thank you.

When you’re stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol has been linked to hair loss, including eyebrow hair loss. So, by reducing your stress levels, you could potentially see an improvement in the thickness and health of your eyebrows.

So there are a few things that you can do to help encourage thicker and healthier eyebrows.

Try some of these tips, and see which ones work best for you. Hopefully, you’ll start to see a difference in the overall appearance of your brows in no time!

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