14 Mickey Mouse Drawing Ideas and References

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Check out these creative Mickey Mouse drawing ideas to inspire your next sketch, drawing, or painting.

If you’re a fan of Disney’s Mickey Mouse character, I think you’ll love looking through these unique drawing ideas. If you prefer the classic Mickey Mouse look, you’ll find some of these below too.

Additionally, these drawing references are great for beginner and advanced artists alike.

Gather Your Drawing Supplies

Mickey and Minnie Halloween

This was drawn by a talented tattoo artist. The shading looks amazing here. Make sure you check out the artist for more art.

mickey and minnie halloween

Artist Credit: zayz.spillz_ink

Geometric Mickey Mouse

Here’s a drawing of Mickey Mouse with a unique twist. I think that it would be a good idea to color the left side of his face.

geometric mickey mouse

Artist Credit: yashika_art213

Colored Pencil Mickey Mouse

If you’re looking for a traditional Mickey Mouse drawing, this is a great reference. I love the 3D look of this art piece.

colored pencil mickey mouse

Artist Credit: the_aesthetic_easel_

Galaxy Mickey Mouse

This galaxy-themed Mickey Mouse is so fun and creative. I definitely recommend checking out the artist for more creative drawing ideas.

galaxy mickey mouse

Artist Credit: ssunnyartss

Fantasia Mickey Mouse

Here’s a drawing of Mickey Mouse from the film Fantasia. If you’ve never seen the movie, I recommend checking it out.

fantasia mickey mouse drawing

Artist Credit: samaelbellart

Mickey Head Sketch

This simple sketch makes a great beginner’s reference. It’s also great practice for drawing Mickey from a different angle.

mickey mouse head sketch

Artist Credit: meadowillustrations

Movie Sketches

Daily sketching is so important if you want to get better at drawing. Consider drawing a few Mickey Mouse sketches before getting started.

mickey mouse movie sketches

Artist Credit: manuelberselli

Colored Pencil Fantasia

Here’s another drawing from the movie Fantasia. Can you believe that this was colored in using colored pencils? The artist did a wonderful job.

colored pencil fantasia drawing

Artist Credit: acereact_art

Black and White Fantasia

I love this black and white drawing of Mickey Mouse. I recommend clicking here to see it colored in. The finished art piece looks amazing.

black and white fantasia mickey mouse

Artist Credit: craig_draws_disney

Mickey and Minnie in Love

Not only is it fun to draw Mickey Mouse, but it would also be great to include Minnie Mouse too. This drawing would make a great gift for someone you love.

mickey and minnie mouse drawing

Artist Credit: craftadventure_

Mandala Pattern

What makes this drawing unique is that it uses mandalas to fill in this Mickey Mouse drawing. You could draw your mandalas with a black marker and color them in with other colors.

mickey mouse mandala drawing

Artist Credit: art_power_07

Heart Shaped Balloons

Here’s another really cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse drawing. I love the addition of the watercolor balloons.

mickey and minnie mouse with heart balloons

Artist Credit: annagiambersio

Black and White Mickey

This art piece reminds me of the black and white Mickey Mouse cartoon You can definitely use more color for your drawing.

black and white mickey

Artist Credit: acereact_art

Mickey in a Leather Jacket

How cool is this Mickey Mouse drawing? The artist did a great job with shading too.

hip hop mickey mouse

Artist Credit: acereact_art

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