14 Mood Trackers Perfect for Your Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is a great way to keep all of your important information in one place. Not only can you use it to track your tasks and appointments, but you can also use it to track your moods. These mood journal trackers are perfect for your bullet journal.

1. Lilly Pad Mood Tracker

Here’s a tracker that’s perfect for the spring and summer months. This lily pad mood tracker is so pretty and would be great for tracking your moods over time.

lily pad mood tracker
Artist Credit: _softpeaks

2. Shamrock Mood Tracker

This shamrock mood tracker is great for tracking your moods during the month of March. It’s simple and easy to use and is a great way to see how your moods changed throughout the month.

shamrock mood tracker
Artist Credit: bujobutbetter

3. St. Patricks Mood Tracker

Here’s another cool mood tracker idea that’s perfect for St. Patrick’s day. When the season changes, use different colors and plants or flowers to make it fit the time of year.

st. patrick's day mood tracker
Artist Credit: bujonessa

5. Circular Mood Tracker

I love how easy and artistic this circular mood tracker is. The colors that the artist chose go so great together. If you’re inspired by this design, make it your own by drawing different design elements and using different colors.

circular mood tracker
Artist Credit: bujowithpau

6. Planets Mood Tracker

If you love galaxy and space themes, then this planet’s mood tracker is perfect for you. It’s a great way to track your mood, plus this design would be a fun addition to your galaxy-themed bullet journal spread.

galaxy planets mood tracker
Artist Credit: fabercastellspain

7. Orange Tree Mood Tracker

Here’s a mood tracker that’s pretty unique. It’s an orange tree with a cute little cat hiding behind the pot. Use different shades of orange to track your mood throughout the month.

orange tree mood tracker
Artist Credit: haru.bujo

8. Simple Plant Mood Tracker

If you’re looking for a tracker idea that’s cute and simple, let this plant tracker inspire you. I really love the muted colors that were used here. In the summer months, it would be nice to do a similar tracker using bright and bold colors.

simple plant mood tracker
Artist Credit: helma_bujo

9. Hanging Plant Mood Tracker

Plant lovers unite! You won’t be able to resist recreating this hanging plant mood tracker. Not only is it a great way to track your moods daily, but the design is perfect for anyone who loves plants.

hanging plant mood tracker
Artist Credit: jowildflowers

10. Lemon Slices Mood Tracker

Draw lemon and orange slices for your next mood tracker. Fill in your tracker each day with a different shade of yellow or orange to match your mood.

lemon mood tracker
Artist Credit: oxfordgeneration_fr

11. Abbey Roads Mood Tracker

This mood tracker was inspired by the Beatles’ iconic “Abbey Road” album cover. The artist has added a fun twist by using Sanrio characters, which is such a cute idea.

hello kitty mood tracker
Artist Credit: planner_laura

12. Paint Mood Tracker

Use a variety of different colors to track your mood with a paint-themed mood tracker. I really love the handwriting style that was used to write the word “mood.”

paint mood tracker
Artist Credit: stabilofrance

13. Sunshine Mood Tracker

Let the sunshine in with this bright and artistic mood tracker. I love the boldness of the color choices and the simplicity of the overall design.

sunshine mood tracker
Artist Credit: stuck_on_alaska_designs

14. Octopus Mood Tracker

Use this cute octopus mood tracker to keep track of how you are feeling throughout the month. If you love this design, you can actually purchase the printable pages of this Octopus Mood Tracker.

Octopus Mood Tracker
Artist Credit: wobblelinedjournal

14. Origami Mood Tracker

Get creative and create an origami mood tracker. There are so many paper origami you can draw in your tracker, such as cranes, flowers, hearts, airplanes, and so much more.

Artist Credit: miloe.joanne

Mood journal trackers are a great way to keep an eye on your moods. They can help you identify patterns and see how different things may affect your mood.

If you’re looking for a way to track your moods, consider using one of these trackers in your bullet journal.

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