11 Moon Drawings Perfect for Art References

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These moon drawings make perfect references for your next art project or even your next tattoo.

If you are inspired by the moon, I know you’ll appreciate the drawings that I’m sharing below. From simple moon drawings to more advanced and detailed drawings, there’s a reference here for everyone.

Fun Moon Fact: Did you know that there is no dark side of the moon? Both sides of the moon see the same amount of sunlight. However, only one side of the moon is ever seen from Earth. Good to know, huh?

1. Moon with Flowers

moon with flowers drawing and tattoo
Artist Credit: weheartit

Along with being a fun drawing reference, this beautiful drawing of a moon with flowers would make a great tattoo. You can place it on your ankle, neck, or wrist area.

2. Wilderness Scene

moon drawing with tent
Artist Credit: rubyawaken

I’m a big fan of drawings such as this one. This drawing features the moon with scenery inside of the moon. There is the wilderness, a tent, and a campfire.

3. Trees and Dots

moon with trees drawing
Artist Credit: _artistic1123

If you’re looking for a simple and fun moon drawing idea, why don’t you give this one a try? I really love the addition of the polka dots within the moon and in the sky.

4. La Luna

realistic la luna
Artist Credit: weheartit

Here’s a realistic drawing of the moon or la luna. This art piece would definitely take a bit more time, but the finished project would be so worth it.

5. Easy Moon Drawing

simple moon tattoo
Artist Credit: inkbox

Here’s a super simple drawing, that was actually created as a temporary tattoo design. Make sure you check out the link for Inkbox below if you would like to receive a free temporary tattoo.

6. Floral Moon

moon and flower tattoo
Artist Credit: inkbox

Here’s another easy moon drawing from Inkbox. This picture is just begging to be drawn and colored in. Again, check out the link for Inkbox below if you would like to receive a free temporary tattoo.

7. Moons with Stars and Clouds

moon and clouds
Artist Credit: kamdrawing_

This drawing of a moon with stars and clouds looks amazing. You can draw something like this as is, or you can color it in with colored pencils or markers.

8. Five Phases

moon phases drawing
Artist Credit: lucyvalentinatattoo

Here’s a beautiful moon phase drawing that was actually done by a super talented tattoo artist. I highly recommend checking out the artist for more beautiful artwork.

9. Get Creative with Dotwork

dinosaur skull with moons
Artist Credit: mother_of_moths_

This drawing is absolutely fantastic. It looks like the artist used dotwork to complete the majority of this drawing. If you’ve never tried dotwork, I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s a challenging but rewarding art experience.

10. Mountains and Trees

moon drawing with camper
Artist Credit: valerie.coeur.dessins

Similar to a few moon drawings that I shared earlier, this moon is filled with mountains and trees, water, and a cool camper van. There is also the addition of a campfire.

11. Hand-Drawn Moon and Sun

man and woman sun and moon
Artist Credit: weheartit

Have a little fun by using this line drawing as a reference. This drawing would look great hand-drawn with acrylic paint pens These pens would add a beautiful glossy finish to the completed art piece.

If you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration or just some fun references to use in your next art project, I hope you enjoyed these moon drawings. They’re beautiful, and they’ll help get your creative juices flowing.

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