20 Pencil Art Drawing Ideas to Inspire You

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If you’re an artist or an aspiring artist looking for pencil art drawings and ideas look no further. I’ve rounded up 20 pencil art drawings for you to use for inspiration. You’ll notice there are some great sketches in this collection.

If you’re an artist or an aspiring artist looking for pencil art drawings and ideas look no further. I’ve rounded up 20 pencil art drawings for you to use for inspiration. You’ll notice there are some great sketches in this collection.

How to Become Good at Drawing

There is no one answer to how to become good at drawing. It’s a skill that takes time, patience and practice to develop. However, if you’re willing to put in the hard work, here are a few tips to help you improve your skills.

The first thing is to practice, practice, practice. The more you draw, the better you’ll get. Draw everyday if possible. Next, experiment with different mediums and techniques. This will help you find what works best for you and develop your own style.

You can also take classes or workshops from a local artist or online. There are many great tutorials available online that can teach you how to draw everything from portraits to landscapes. And finally, find inspiration in nature, art and everyday.

1. Mermaid Sketch

If you’re interested in drawing a mermaid, this sketch of a mermaid is a great reference for you to use. The artist did a great job with the shading on the tail.

Credit: weheartit

2. Quick Sketch

Here you can see why it’s important to get your sketch on paper without worrying about erasing any mistakes or making it perfect. Now that the general idea has been put on paper, you can start fine tuning your drawing.

Credit: weheartit

3. Hairstyles From Behind

These drawings show you different hairstyles and how they would look from behind. Doing something like this would be great practice for drawing hair from different angles.

Credit: weheartit

4. Feminine Features

If you want to practice drawing feminine features, you can create a sketch of a woman with beautiful eyebrows, eyes and eyelashes, a nose and lips.

Credit: weheartit

5. The Mouth

These drawings make great references for drawing the mouth. What I love is that you get to see the month from different angles making different expressions.

mouth sketches
Credit: weheartit

6. Quick Girl Sketch

This quick sketch of a girl is great practice for drawing your female characters. love the addition of the freckles along the nose and cheeks.

quick girl sketch
Credit: weheartit

7. Bird and Flowers

I thought it would be nice to also include drawings of animals. This bird actually has flowers coming out of it’s wings. What a beautiful drawing.

bird and flowers
Credit: weheartit

8. Deer and Antlers

Here’s a beautiful piece of art that would look amazing framed and hanging on the wall in your home. I love how the antlers tell a story.

deer and antlers
Credit: weheartit

9. Beautiful Girl

Here’s a great sketch of a beautiful girl. Again, this is another drawing that’s perfect for anyone who needs female sketch references.

beautiful girl sketch
Credit: weheartit

10. Owl at Night

This beautiful drawing features an owl sitting on a tree branch in the evening. This pencil art includes stunning details and is really a work of art.

owl and moon
Credit: weheartit

11. Girl with Bird in Hair

I’m loving this drawing of a girl with a bird holding her hair. I find this to be so creative and beautiful. This would look great with a hint of color.

girl with bird on head
Credit: poeticamenteflor

12. Hand Reference

We all know how challenging it can be to draw hands. Especially as a beginner. If you’re looking for more hand references, check out my post 19+ Hand Drawing Ideas and References.

hand reference
Credit: weheartit

13. Woman Looking Towards Sky

As an artist, it’s good to practice drawing your characters from different angles. Consider drawing one of you characters looking away, or looking towards the sky.

woman looking toward sky
Credit: weheartit

14. Flowers on Cheeks

Here’s a beautiful drawing of a woman. I love the creative addition of the flowers drawn on her cheeks. This artist did a great job with the eyebrows too.

flowers on cheeks
Credit: humin peach

15. How to Draw a Mouth, Nose and Eyes

If you struggle with drawing the mouth, nose, and eyes, try using this step-by-step tutorial to assist you. With practice, you will make great improvements.

how to draw the eyes nose and mouth
Credit: weheartit

16. Girl with Straight Hair

This sketch is great references for drawing bold facial features and hair that flows realistically. There’s even a nice addition of a hoop earring to help the picture stand out.

girl with straight hair drawing
Credit: art.istratova

17. Chadwick Boseman

If you are a fan of Chadwick Boseman, pay homage to this talented actor by creating your own drawing of him. This would look wonderful hanging on your wall.

chadwick boseman pencil art drawing
Credit: marcominiacs

18. Tea with Flowers

This beautiful drawing is simple and so fun to recreate. I think adding a bit of color would give this a unique look. If you love unique references, this is perfect for you.

tea cup with girl and flowers
Credit: poeticamenteflor

19. Trendy Girl

This sketch features a trendy girl. I call her trendy because she has a nose piercing, freckles, and moon drawn on her face. What a beautiful sketch.

girl with freckles drawing
Credit: _danvillablanca

20. Realistic Eyes

This drawing is definitely advanced. If you consider yourself an advanced artists, try your hands at using this as reference for drawing realistic eyes.

realistic eyes drawing
Credit: shierly_arts

21. Beginner Friendly Sketch

Here’s a sketch of a girl that I consider to be a bit more beginner-friendly. If you’re new to sketching woman, this photo would make a great reference for you to follow.

easy girl sketch
Credit: mikikondooooooooo

22. Stylish Girl

This is one of my favorite sketches in this collection. I love how much detail has been added to the drawing. I also really like the expression on the girls face. This picture tells a story.

girl with earrings
Credit: weheartit

I hope you were able to find some inspiration with the pencil art drawing ideas in this post.

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