20 Lovely Peony Drawing Ideas

Peony drawings are a great place to start if you’re looking for some floral art inspiration. These beautiful flowers have been a favorite among artists and for good reason.

With their full blooms and delicate petals, they make for incredibly captivating drawings. With these peony drawing and watercolor painting ideas, your next masterpiece may blossom before your eyes!

1. Single Watercolor Peony Flower

Single Watercolor Peony Flower

When creating a watercolor flower, you can start by sketching a peony flower in pencil, then filling in the petals with watercolor paints. Remember to use the paint to add subtle shading effects.

2. Peonies with Vibrant Colors

Peonies with Vibrant Colors
iStock/Inna Sinano

Bring your peony drawing to life with vibrant colors and shading. Layer a darker color on the outside petals to create a realistic appearance.

3. Large Peony Drawing

Large Peony Drawing

Consider drawing a single large peony flower to create a gorgeous and detailed piece of art. Take some time with this one because creating the three-dimensional look requires practice and patience.

4. Creative Watercolor Flower

Creative Watercolor Flower

Make a statement with an abstract-style peony drawing. Use a combination of colors and different techniques to give it a unique twist that will set your art apart.

5. Beautiful Pink Peonies

Beautiful Pink Peonies

Let your creative juices flow and create a unique watercolor peony painting. You can go for a feminine look and use pastel colors to capture the beauty of this lovely flower.

6. Woman’s Head with Peony Flowers

Woman's Head with Peony Flowers
iStock/Irina Shisterova

Draw a woman’s head with peony flowers growing from it for a surreal and ethereal look. This artwork is sure to be a conversation starter.

7. Purple Peony Flower

Purple Peony Flower

You don’t necessarily have to stick to traditional colors for peonies. Brighten up your drawing with bold hues and experiment with different watercolor techniques.

8. Hand Holding a Peony Bouquet

Hand Holding a Peony Bouquet
iStock/Tatyana Vorontsova

Create a bouquet of these beauties and let your imagination take center stage. Play with colors and proportions, or mix up different flowers for a unique piece.

9. Simple Peony Drawing

Simple Peony Drawing
iStock/Ekaterina Chemakina

Outline the peony flower and fill it with color for a lovely drawing. You can play around with different colors and patterns for an eye-catching effect.

10. Peony on Rice Paper

Peony on Rice Paper
iStock/Natalia Kazarina

Try your hand at a rice paper peony drawing. The paper’s delicate texture helps bring out this flower’s intricate details.

11. Peach Peony Flowers

Peach Peony Flowers

Capture the soft hues of a peach peony by blending light shades. Add different textures and details to this piece to create a truly amazing work of art.

12. Hummingbird with Peonies Drawing

Hummingbird with Peonies Drawing

For a charming and whimsical piece, draw a hummingbird flying among peonies. Use bright colors to bring this scene to life!

13. Delicate Peony Drawing

Delicate Peony Drawing
iStock/Krit Kongjundee

Showcase the beauty of a peony flower with a delicate sketch such as this one. This type of drawing is perfect for journaling or as an addition to your art collection.

14. Peony Flower Bouquet Illustration

iStock/Alina Kotliar

Create an eye-catching bouquet of peonies with this illustration. Layer in different shades of green and pink to add dimension.

15. Hand Drawn Peonies

Hand Drawn Peonies

Get creative with hand-drawn peonies. Experiment with different mediums like colored pencils or brush pens for a unique, handmade look.

16. Peony Flower Sketch

Peony Flower Sketch
iStock/Galina Kamenskaya

The peony flower is known for its large petals and dramatic blossoms. Keep that in mind when sketching your flower.

17. Big and Bold Peony Drawing

Big and Bold Peony Drawing
iStock/Lyubov Tolstova

Make a statement with a big and bold peony drawing. Use bright colors to make this piece stand out. Additionally, include at least six layers to make your flower look full.

18. Monochrome Peonies

Monochrome Peonies

Create an elegant monochrome flower drawing for your sketchbook. Be sure to pay attention to the flower’s intricate details.

19. Different Parts of the Peony Flower

Parts of the Peony Flower
iStock/Inna Sinano

Take a closer look at the different parts of the peony flower with this drawing. This drawing breaks the flower down into multiple pictures. There is the blossoming flower, the flower buds, and more.

I you’re feeling inspired, why not give these lovely peony drawing ideas a go? With some practice and creativity, you’ll be drawing peonies in no time.

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