20 Pirate Drawings to Get Your Creativity Flowing

If you’re in the mood to draw a pirate, I’m sharing 20 pirate drawings to get your creativity flowing.

Because I’ve included a wide variety of pirate styles, these drawings make wonderful references.

There are women pirates, Pirates of the Caribbean character drawings, pirate ship drawings, and more.

1. Captain Jack Sparrow

jack sparrow pirate drawings
Artist Credit: limlight

I think it’s safe to say that Captain Jack Sparrow is a favorite amongst pirate fans. If you didn’t know, Jack Sparrow is the main protagonist on the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.

2. Great Shading

cool pirate drawing
Artist Credit: gertitattoos

This pirate art piece was done by Gerti Gurra. Geti is based in London and has a creative and unique art style. I love the shading that was done on this pirate.

3. Colorful Female Pirate

colorful female pirate
Artist Credit: seannewmantattoo

Here’s another fantastic art piece done by the talented tattoo artist Sean Newman. Not only is the drawing itself amazing, but the color choices go so well together.

4. Black and White Drawing

pirate coloring page
Artist Credit: siyann_stuff

Si’yann has an Instagram account dedicated to making some pretty awesome pirate-themed drawings. What I love about this drawing is that it looks great in black and white, but would also look awesome with color.

5. Davy Jones

dotted davy jones drawing
Artist Credit: talesofanelegy

Davy Jones is another character from Pirates of the Caribbean. This stunning dot drawing took the artist 4.5 hours to complete. Contact the artist using the link below if you would like to purchase this piece, or if you’d like your own custom drawing.

6. Ruth Rosewood

girl drawing with dress
Artist Credit: theez

This character is named Ruth Rosewood and was created by The Ez on Deviant Art. Ruth isn’t a pirate, but with a few tweaks, she can definitely give off the pirate vibe.

7. The Adventure Zone

the adventure zone drawing
Artist Credit: yearofdoodles

Faye does really amazing comics and other colorful art pieces. This drawing features Shebrie Keene and baby Argo from The Adventure Zone.

8. Pirates of the Caribbean

pirates of the caribbean sketches
Credit: weheartit

Here are some pretty cool sketches of characters from Pirates of the Caribbean. I love how these sketches look simple but still so realistic. The artist did a great job.

9. Woman Pirate Drawing

woman pirate drawing
Artist Credit: yenthejolineart

This beautiful female pirate was so well done. She was actually drawn by a really talented illustrator named Yenthe Joline. You can see more illustrations by visiting their website.

10. Lady Pirate with Tentacles

lady pirate with tentacles
Artist Credit: blvk_sun

The details used in this drawing are absolutely amazing. Between the art style, shading, and amazing additions such as the tentacles, I really love this piece.

11. Dead Men Tell No Tales

dead men tell no tales
Artist Credit: edwinshaffer

If you’re looking for something fun and creative to draw, I think you’ll love using this as a reference. The quote says “dead men tell no tales.” If you like skull drawings, make sure you check out my post showcasing cool skull drawing ideas.

12. Pirate Ship Drawing

pirate ship drawing
Credit: weheartit

This definitely isn’t a beginner friendly drawing, but if you’ve got the time and skill, something like this would be fun and rewarding to draw.

13. Realistic Davy Jones

davy jones realistic drawing
Artist Credit: ev__aart

This Davy Jones drawing is amazing. I can’t get over the detail and how realistic the piece looks. This would look amazing framed and hung on the wall.

pirate skull drawing
Artist Credit: jakewilsontattoo
female pirate with eye patch
Artist Credit: Tumblr
three pirates sketch
Artist Credit: josephqiuart
pirate with hook hand
Artist Credit: josephqiuart
zoro one piece sketch
Artist Credit: krooz.jones.art.mx
davy jones shading
Artist Credit: jessoakleyart_
pirates and pirate ship
Artist Credit: mikebutkusart

Pirate Drawings YouTube Tutorials

Check out these cool video tutorials showing you how to draw pirates and pirate ships on YouTube.

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