The Difference Between Posts and Pages in WordPress

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If you are just getting started blogging on WordPress, you may be wondering what the difference is between a post and a page. There are a few key differences between the two that I will discuss below.

What is a Post?

Posts are entries that display in reverse chronological order on your blogs home page. This means your most recent posts/entries will display at the top of your sites main page while the older posts will be towards the bottom. Posts can be found in your categories, tags, archives, recent posts, and your blogs RSS feed. What you are reading right now is considered a blog post.

What is a Page?

Pages are often used for content that does not change (static content). Pages are usually located in your sites primary navigation menu. Unlike a post, pages do not use tags or categories, and they do not display in your blogs RSS feed. Examples of pages would be your “About” or “Contact” page.

In the beginning, the difference between the two may seem a bit confusing. Just think of it this way, when you’re ready to blog, you’re creating a blog post. Every time you create a new post, it will appear on your blogs home page. When you’re creating content that won’t change, such as your “about me” you’re creating a page. When you create a page, this information WILL NOT appear on your blogs home page. More than likely, you will place this information in your navigation menu.