8 Irresistible Fonts

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This weeks font roundup features 8 irresistible (and I do mean irresistible) fonts. Most of the fonts in this font collection are pretty handwriting fonts that will make any graphic look good. I mean really, how can you see these fonts and not want to download at least one of them?

A roundup of pretty handwriting fonts. Which one is your favorite? I love Manhattan Darling!

Because you really seem to be enjoying my font series, I’ve decided to post new font roundups regularly. That means about every other week or so, you can expect to see a new font roundup from me.

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8 Irresistible Fonts

  1. Country Chic
  2. Bellanie Script
  3. Boho
  4. Caferus Normal
  5. Briar Rose
  6. Vigneta
  7. Manhattan Darling
  8. Rossellina

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