20 Realistic Portrait Drawings and Sketches

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These realistic portrait drawings and sketches are a collection of art pieces from super talented artists. If you’re looking for portrait references or inspiration, you’ll definitely find that below.

Along with sharing these portraits, I’ll also be including some of my best tips for drawing realistic portraits.

As always, I’ll be including a link to artists social media account or website. If you enjoy their work, please make sure you support the artist by liking their work on social media, buying their art, etc.

Gather Your Drawing Supplies

girl with medium hair

Artist Credit: crystal_arts_

black girl portrait

Artist Credit: crystal_arts_

emo girl portrait

Artist Credit: fox.on.fire

realistic girl drawing

Artist Credit: fox.on.fire

Start Light With Your Sketch

When you first begin sketching, I recommend starting with a light outline. Starting light allows you to get your proportions correct and easily erase any mistakes you make.

To create lighter lines, you can use an H pencil because they create grey lines.

the boyz drawing

Artist Credit: lunh_illust

simple girl drawing

Artist Credit: lyenaart

girl portrait sketch

Artist Credit: melmadedooks

black girl with afro

Artist Credit: melmadedooks

chris hemsworth portrait

Artist Credit: mr.brokenbrush

Practice Drawing Different Parts of The Face

Before you start working on your portrait, I recommend that you practice drawing different parts of the face first. That means take some time out to draw a realistic nose, eyes, mouth, ears, etc.

I have some great references that you can check out below:

Additionally, below you can see a simple lip study that visually shows you how to draw realistic lips. For more references like this, I highly recommend checking out artist’s Instagram account. You can find the link in the image credit below the photo.

how to draw lips

Artist Credit: crystal_arts_

profile portrait

Artist Credit: stephenbaumanartwork

eva mendez portrait

Artist Credit: passion_draw_1981

contemporary portrait

Artist Credit: stephenbaumanartwork

amy winehouse portrait

Artist Credit: passion_draw_1981

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Color

Depending on the portrait, adding color can really help your art piece stand out. Check out this colorful Taylor Swift portrait for example.

I just love what the artist did with this drawing. If you’d like to see more colorful celebrity portraits like this one, you can find the artist, Jeraj Jain on Instagram.

taylor swift portrait

Artist Credit: jerajrockzzz

girl with long hair

Artist Credit: straightlinesroundshapes

girl with ponytail

Artist Credit: straightlinesroundshapes

digital sketch portrait

Artist Credit: melmadedooks

girl with hand on face

Artist Credit: crystal_arts_

Practice Drawing Portraits

If you want to improve your portrait drawings, the best thing you can do is practice. Practice won’t make you perfect because there’s no such thing as perfect, but it can make you great at what you do.

For the best results, I recommend sketching for 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week. If you can sketch daily, that’s even better. And don’t worry about if you can’t sketch for 30 minutes. If all you can spare is 10-15 minutes, that’s better than nothing.

Set aside some time daily for your art, and you will reap the benefits of your hard work.

girl with red cheeks

Artist Credit: crystal_arts_

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