Rock Painting Ideas for Kids and Adults

Looking for a fun and easy project to do with the kids (or by yourself!)? Rock painting is a great option. You can find rocks almost anywhere, and they make for perfect little canvases.

Plus, it’s hard to mess up – even if your painting doesn’t turn out quite as you planned, it’ll still be pretty cute. Here are some rock painting ideas to get you started.

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Penguin in Egg

Penguin in Egg
Artist Credit: _silrock_

This design is of a penguin inside of its shell. You start by painting the entire rock white. Once the white paint dries, you can then begin working on the penguin with black paint.

Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls
Artist Credit: 1aurielynn3

You’re going to love painting these Powerpuff Girls on rocks. They are so easy and fun to make. You can use any colors that you like, but I love the idea of using the colors from the original show.

Colorful Toucan

Colorful Toucan
Artist Credit: adventureaddictamey

Here’s a colorful toucan design that is perfect for summer. Have fun choosing bright and vibrant colors for your rock. This is a great design for someone new to painting rocks.

No Drama Llama

llama painted rock
Artist Credit: blangsview54

Fans of llamas will love this “no drama llama” design. A rock as cute as this would make great decor for your garden, or even a fun and creative gift idea.

Fun Rock Collection

painted rock ideas
Artist Credit: casaderocaspintadas

Here’s a lovely rock collection that gives you plenty of ideas for your next rock painting session. There’s a mermaid, pineapple, bee, and many more.

Spaceship Rock Painting

spaceship painted rock UFO
Artist Credit: creatively.stoned

I love how creative and colorful these spaceships are. The artist behind these rocks sells lots of cute painted rocks via her Etsy shop called Creatively Stoned.

Lady Bug Crossing

lady bug painted garden rocks
Artist Credit: creativity_for_days

These ladybug crossing rock designs are just perfect for your front or backyard decor. Not only that, but the gardener in your life would love receiving these as a gift.

Daisy Flowers

daisy painted rock
Artist Credit: happyrocks_abd

Flower lovers will enjoy painting floral-themed rocks. These simple paintings feature daisy flowers with slightly different appearances.

Creative Painted Rock Collection

Creative Painted Rock Collection
Artist Credit: happystone118

This creative painted rock collection has over 10 different designs to inspire you. I really love the M&M’S rocks. What a creative thing to do with a few broken rocks.

Watercolor Bird

Watercolor Bird
Artist Credit: katka_stones

The artist stepped outside of the box and used watercolor paint to achieve this beautiful bird design. Paint your favorite bird on your rock. A few ideas for birds you can paint are finches, hummingbirds, and even owls.

Friend and Flower

painted rock gift idea for friend
Artist Credit: latoyasoloved

If your friend has a birthday coming up, why don’t you paint them a cute rock such as this one? Play around with different colors and designs. You can also include their name on the rock to make it even more personal.

Fox Painting

painted fox rock
Artist Credit: myrrasrocks

The artist behind this painting uses paint pens to achieve beautiful results. The colors look so good together, and the finished project is so glossy and neat.


pokemon rock painting
Artist Credit:

Bulbasaur is a popular character from the show Pokemon. He’s a grass and poison Pokemon introduced in Generation I. Both kid and adult Pokemon fans will love painting this cool rock.

Sunshine and Rainbows

rainbow painted rock
Artist Credit:

These sunshine and rainbow painted rocks are just perfect. The color scheme is great for spring and summer, and the design is just too cute.

So what are you waiting for? Take out your supplies and start rock painting! It’s a great way to get enjoy nature and express your creativity. And who knows? You might just end up with the perfect addition to your garden or home décor.

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