12 Sleep Tracker Ideas for Your Bullet Journal

If you’re looking for a way to track your sleep in your bullet journal, you’re going to love these cute sleep tracker ideas.

What is a Sleep Tracker?

A sleep tracker is a way to track your sleep habits over time. There are many different ways to do this, but the basic idea is to keep track of how long you sleep, when you wake up, and if you feel rested.

Why Track Your Sleep?

There are many reasons why you might want to track your sleep. Maybe you’re trying to improve your sleep habits, or you want to see how much sleep you’re actually getting. Tracking your sleep can also help you identify patterns in your sleep habits, which can be helpful if you’re trying to diagnose a sleep disorder.

1. Floral Sleep Log

If you like drawing or doodling flowers, this sleep log might be a good option for you. The artist chose fun and vibrant colors for their tracker, which I love.

Floral Sleep Log
Artist Credit: b.bulletjournal

2. Retro Sleep Log

This sleep log has retro vibes with its groovy font and flower doodles. Have fun getting creative with your handwriting for the header text.

Retro Sleep Log
Artist Credit: bujoshawty

3. Dessert Sleep Tracker

If you’re looking for a colorful spread, this design that features fruits and other desserts is a good choice. You can choose your favorite colors and draw your favorite foods.

Dessert Sleep Tracker
Artist Credit: haru.bujo

4. Vaporwave Aesthetic Sleep Tracker

This sleep tracker has a cool vaporwave aesthetic. Vaporwave is a style of electronic music that developed in the early 2010s. The genre has been described as a microgenre art form.

blue and purple sleep tracker
Artist Credit: lexi.journals

5. Purple Sleep Tracker

Those looking for multiple tracker options will find inspiration with this spread that showcases an expenses and sleep tracker. It uses soft purples and grays, and has cute dragonfly drawings.

purple sleep tracker
Artist Credit: johannajournals

6. Sakura Sleep Tracker

Here’s a tracker that has a cute sakura drawing. I love the simplicity of the tracker. Not only does it make it easy to keep track of your sleep habits, but the design is beginner friendly too.

Sakura Sleep Tracker
Artist Credit: journalwithcc

7. Mushroom Sleep Tracker

I just love mushroom doodles, so I’m a big fan of this sleep tracker that has mushrooms, flowers, and bees. The artist did a great job at choosing the colors for this spread page.

mushroom sleep tracker
Artist Credit: littlemissmacaronbujo

8. Circular Sleep Tracker

This tracker is a bit different because it’s a circular sleep tracker. To make it stand out, the creator added cool ice cream pops and sprinkles to the bottom of the page.

Circular Sleep Tracker
Artist Credit: mydailybullet

9. Green Leaf Sleep Tracker

This is a combo sleep and mood tracker. It’s a simple design for anyone who wants something that’s easy but still really creative. You can replace the leaves with flowers for a different twist.

Green Leaf Sleep Tracker
Artist Credit: paws.and.paper

10. Orange and Yellow Sleep Log

This sleep log reminds me of summer because it has a cute firefly design. In case you didn’t know, fireflies are light-emitting beetles. They’re actually pretty cool looking when you see them in person.

Orange and Yellow Sleep Log
Artist Credit: scarlett.journals

11. Night Sky Sleep Log

If you want a design that perfectly fits the “sleep tracker” theme, I think you’re going to love this night sky design. It has the moon, clouds, and stars all drawn with some pretty nice colors.

Night Sky Sleep Log
Artist Credit: somekindwords_

12. Pink Sleep Tracker

Lover’s of the color pink will be drawn to this pink sleep tracker. I love the simplicity of this tracker, and of course, the design elements look great.

pink sleep tracker
Artist Credit: study.susan

Bullet journal sleep trackers are perfect for anyone who wants to keep tabs on their slumber. If you’re looking for a way to monitor your shut-eye, be sure to try out one of these ideas!

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