Social Media Tips and Tutorials

Improve your social media presence with this collection of tips and tutorials.

Topics on this page include:

  • Tips for growing your Pinterest account.
  • Tutorials for setting up social media widgets on your blog.

Collection of Social Media Tips and Tutorials

This list will be updated whenever I post new social media tips or tutorials.

  1. Guide to Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Niche
  2. How to Use Pinterest to Generate the Best Blog Post Ideas
  3. Free Pinterest Graphic Templates for Bloggers
  4. How to Get Your First 100,000 Pageviews From Pinterest
  5. 73 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Business Owners
  6. 9 Pinterest Group Boards for Lifestyle Bloggers
  7. How to Make Your Own “Tweet This” Links
  8. 14 Pinterest Group Boards for Food Bloggers
  9. 5 Facebook Groups for Promoting Your Blog
  10. Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Pinterest for Your Blog Traffic
  11. How to Make Pinterest Graphics Using PicMonkey
  12. How I Dramatically Increased My Traffic With Pinterest
  13. How To Add A Pinterest Hover Button To Your Blog Images (with Free “Pin It” Buttons)
  14. 4 Ways To Promote Your Blog And The Best Social Media Platforms For Your Niche
  15. How Deleting Pins on Pinterest More Than Doubled My Repins (and How to Bulk Delete Pins)
  16. Why You Should Be Using Pinterest To Promote Your Blog
  17. How to Add an Instagram Widget to Your Blog
  18. How to add a Pinterest Widget to Your Blog
  19. Get More Pinterest Followers and Re-Pins with these 5 Easy Steps
  20. How to Find Group Boards on Pinterest
  21. How to Set Up Rich Pins on Pinterest
  22. 6 Ways to Make Your Pins Go Viral