250 Space Drawing Ideas That Are Out of This World

Why not take inspiration from space if you want to add a little creativity and excitement to your drawing project? I have the perfect collection of space drawing ideas that will transport you out of this world.

So get ready to blast off through galaxies far, far away as we explore some unique extraterrestrial drawings and illustrations sure to spark your imagination.

Twenty Cute Planet Illustrations

Cute Planet Illustrations

These cute planet illustrations are absolutely adorable. If you plan on coloring your drawings, I think this is a beautiful color palette.

Twenty Spaceships, Aliens, and Planet Drawings

Spaceships, Aliens, and Planets
iStock/Dedy Setyawan

This picture is loaded with cool and creative elements from outer space. There are aliens, planets, rocketships, astronauts, and much more.

Fifteen Space Doodle Ideas

Fifteen Space Doodle Ideas
iStock/Ilya Oktyabr

Whether you have a lot of free time or have a passion for doodling, art lovers can bring their ideas to life with these fifteen inspiring space doodle ideas.

Six Cute Cat in Space Illustrations

cute cat in space
iStock/Daria Zagrebova

This cute little cat is floating in space and surrounded by stars, planets, and a fun spaceship. You’ll also notice that the moon has a smile on its face.

Eight Hand-Drawn Solar System Sketches

Hand Drawn Solar System

This hand-drawn solar system features the sun, planets, asteroids, and other space objects.

Spaceship Doodle

Spaceship Doodle
iStock/Marziyya Ibrahimova

This spaceship doodle is easy to draw, making it a great beginner-friendly reference. Adding bold and vibrant colors will make this drawing stand out.

Sixteen Alien, Asteroid, and Telescope Doodles

Aliens, Asteroids, and Telescopes

Here are more space drawing ideas that would look great with color added. Gel pens or markers would be great for filling in your art and making it stand out.

Nine Hand-Drawn Astronomy Sketches

Hand Drawn Astronomy Doodles

These hand-drawn astronomy doodles are perfect for you if you’re looking for drawings with a bit more detail.

Thrity Space Sketches

Space Sketches

Here is a sketch page that features many elements we associate with outer space. There are planets, spaceships, telescopes, stars, and more.

Eighteen Fun Space Illustrations

Fun Space Illustrations

If you’re a lover of outer space and all things celestial, these eighteen fun space illustrations are exactly what you need to kickstart your imagination.

Twenty-Seven Universe Elements

Universe Elements

This drawing of universe elements will inspire you to draw your own fun space features. This collection showcases plants, the sun, the earth, the moon, and more.

Eight Simple Space Doodles

Simple Space Doodles

These simple space doodles are perfect if you’re looking to pass the time. Pull out your notebook and have some fun by creating simple doodles.

Twenty Creative Space Drawings

Creative Space Drawings

These space drawings are so neat and well done. This sketch page features an alien, an astronaut, the sun, UFOs, a robot, and plenty more.

Eleven Funny Astronaut Drawings

Funny Astronaut Drawings

This drawing is quite funny as it features an astronaut balancing on two planets. Get creative, and don’t be afraid to have some fun when working on your art.

Twelve Rocketship and Planet Sketches

Rocketship and Planet Sketches

Sketching out rocketships and planets can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for artists. There’s no limit to the kinds of spacescapes you can conjure up with your imagination.

Thirty-Two Awesome Space Doodles

Awesome Space Doodles
iStock/Valeriia Myroshnichenko

Doodling allows you to express your creativity while relaxing and reducing stress. If you enjoy doodling, it doesn’t get any more fun than these awesome space doodles.

Nine Planets and More

Planets Drawing
iStock/Veronika Oliinyk

Create galaxies from far away in your art. Be sure to include the planets, plenty of stars, and even a few asteroids.

Seventeen Vibrant Space Illustrations


If you want to create something bold, this reference is just the inspiration you need. There is an alien, UFO, rocket, dog, pizza, and planets. Each of these elements stands out because they’re all on a dark background.

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