6 Ways to Spark Your Creativity and Generate Blog Post Ideas

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Going through different seasons of creativity as a blogger is normal. There are times when you feel like you are full of so many ideas that it becomes difficult to implement all of them.

However, there are also seasons when you feel like you are pulling teeth whenever you try to come up with new blog post ideas.

As a blogger, it’s your job to deliver fresh and consistent content. It’s natural to worry or feel overwhelmed when your mind seems to be on vacation.

Even though it’s normal for us as human beings to have creative blocks, it is possible to work back and become your old blogging self.

In this article, I’ll highlight six ways you can spark your creativity and generate blog post ideas.

How to Generate Blog Post Ideas

1. Become a Diligent Note Taker

In our everyday lives, we come across brilliant ideas that have us thinking “Oh, I should make a note of that.” However, it is common that we get sidetracked or distracted by something else and fail to take the note down.

If you want to come up with great blog post ideas and keep them, it is crucial to have them written down in your notebook. Moreover, with the advent of technology and mobile devices, you can create a sticky note on your tablet or smartphone and write the point down.

Make sure you take notes throughout the day whenever you come across an idea that may be helpful to your blogging business. This way, you will have inspiration available to you at a moment’s notice. Having these notes handy will be extremely helpful when you have a hard time coming up with blog post ideas.

2. Read Widely and Wildly

According to Stephen King, there are two things that any aspiring writer and in this case, a blogger, need to do to succeed; read a lot, but most of all write a lot too.

In today’s world of search engine optimization and content marketing, it is evident that as a blogger you need to create as much engaging content as possible. However, it is equally important to feed your creative mind by reading multiple blogs from other bloggers, articles, books, and journals.

3. Remix Your Older Posts

The fear that you are repeating yourself is one of the factors that limit your creativity. It is likely that you have ideas that you can use to write new posts but unfortunately, they resemble something that you have written before and posted on your blog.

However, that should never stop you as you can always approach a topic in many different angles or you can expand its scope.

You may have posted something ten months ago that you may have a completely different opinion on today. You may also have acquired new knowledge about the same topic that you posted a year ago. I recommend going through your post history to find out whether there are articles that you can reconstruct.

4. Mind Map

Consider turning to mind mapping when you feel that your brain has been exhausted of ideas. To Mindmap, begin by writing on a broad topic, possibly within the niche of your blog in the center of a page. You can then proceed to draw branches of several subtopics from the central idea.

For instance, you can start a central topic on small business development. From that main topic, you can branch out various subtopics which may include the creation of quality products, growing an audience and the utilization of social media platforms.

You can even proceed to derive other ideas from those subtopics and then pay attention to the area of the map that has more ideas and details. Mind mapping is particularly important as it converts your partial ideas into ideas that are complete and fully formed.

5. Write a Blog Post on Ideas That Scare You

It is possible that there is that one topic that you have always wanted to write about but failed to get around to it after blogging for a while. The idea may be floating at the back of your mind, but you feel uneasy whenever you go to write about it.

Maybe it is a blog post that needs a little bit more research than you usually do for other posts, or the topic may be politically incorrect or even controversial.

Those ideas that scare you will force you to be very meticulous in your research and at the end, you end up with great content due to the effort invested in its creation.

My big scary post, The Ugly Side of Blogging That Bloggers Don’t Share, actually went on to go viral.

6. Get Outdoors

One of the most potent stimulants of creativity is the diverse experience that comes from our environment. It may be an indication that you may have fallen into a bit of rut if you feel like you lack creativity.

I find it helpful to focus on new experiences that are different from my monotonous schedule. Get outdoors and see the beauty of planet earth. Take a class, go to a museum or you can even volunteer in community service. You will awaken your creative brain and ideas will begin to flow again.

What are your favorite ways to spark your creativity? Share them in the comments below.

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