20 Spooky Ghost Drawing Ideas

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Check out these spooky and cool ghost drawing ideas that are perfect for Halloween or any time of year. There are drawings that range from easy and beginner-friendly to drawings that are more advanced.

If you’re a beginner, try some of the drawing ideas that are drawn using simple lines. If you’re an experienced artist or if you’re interested in a more complicated art piece, check out the drawings that use additional colors or have more detail.

Casper the Friendly Ghost

If you’re a fan of Casper the Friendly Ghost, you’ll love this simple ghost drawing. Casper is a pleasant, personable ghost that’s often criticized by his three wicked uncles, the Ghostly Trio.

Casper the friendly ghost drawing
Artist Credit: apoos_art
easy ghost drawing
Artist Credit: howdoyoudood

Pumpkin Head Ghosts

This drawing combines your favorite fall elements, ghosts and pumpkins. You can use pencils, paints, and more to complete your spooky but fun ghosts with pumpkin heads.

pumpkin head ghost
Artist Credit: iamrachellmichelle
cute colored pencil ghost
Artist Credit: jillyfrancineart

Ghost Mushrooms

This creative painting features ghost mushrooms that have been colored using watercolor paint. Have fun drawing different facial expressions for your ghosts.

Ghost Mushrooms
Artist Credit: kmcubley
evil ghost drawing
Artist Credit: lethargic.larva

Movie Magic Ghost

This movie magic ghost is such a fun and creative idea. This drawing was actually a commissioned piece, so if you’d like to commission the artist, check out their Instagram account.

Movie Magic Ghost
easy ghost doodles
Artist Credit: myart.outlet

Poor Martha

I love the caption that the artist wrote for this art piece. It says “Poor Martha, she wouldn’t of worried so much about her appearance if she knew she’d decay into a pile of bones”

poor martha ghost
Artist Credit: nannie_arts
ghost illustrations
Artist Credit: ohsweetsunflower

Simple Ghost Drawings

These ghost drawings are so simple, even newbies can draw them. Color your ghosts and leaves in to give your drawing a unique look.

Simple Ghost Drawings
Artist Credit: startheepicone
ghost holding coffee
Artist Credit: toki.mew
fun ghost drawing
Artist Credit: varied87

Camping Ghosts

This doodle of ghosts camping is so cute and fun. If you want to practice your drawing skills, this is a great ghost reference. If you add color, this drawing would make a great gift.

Camping Ghosts Doodle
Artist Credit: where.aliens.live
oh no a ghost drawing
Artist Credit: 13_robots
shocked ghost
Artist Credit: twiinterested


These ghosties are actually stickers created by Color Pisces. This sticker sheet includes a variety of cute ghosts that would be so fun to draw.

ghost stickers
halloween drawing
Artist Credit: elfcupsart

People Are Scary

This cute little ghost thinks that people are scary. Draw your own scared ghost and include your own unique quote to go with the drawing.

people are scary ghost
Artist Credit: emily.m.healey
ghost with flowers
Artist Credit: ghost.rose.art

If you’re looking for a way to get into the Halloween spirit, try out some of these spooky cool ghost drawing ideas. No matter your skill level or what type of mood you’re in, there’s something on this list for everyone! So grab your sketchbook (or iPad), and let’s get drawing.

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