16 St. Patrick’s Day Nail Designs That Will Bring You Luck

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You’re definitely going to be inspired by these St. Patricks Day acrylic nail design ideas. There are lucky charms-themed nails, shamrock designs, rainbows, and more.

These St. Patrick’s Day nail designs will bring you the luck you’re looking for.

History of St. Patricks Day

The history of St. Patrick’s Day is actually quite interesting. The day is celebrated to commemorate the death of Saint Patrick, who was a missionary and bishop in Ireland during the 5th century.

Saint Patrick is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland and is also thought to have performed many miracles. He is the patron saint of Ireland and his feast day is celebrated on March 17th.

Interestingly, the color green wasn’t associated with St. Patrick’s Day until 1798. Blue was actually the original color. Nowadays, people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green clothing, accessories, and even nail designs.

1. Green and Gold

These green and gold nails are perfect for the month of March. What I love about this design is that it works great for any time of the year.

green and gold nails
Credit: brandedbeauties1

2. Different Design for Each Nail

Consider getting creative by using a different green design for each nail. You can recreate this look, but switch it up by adding shamrocks, and other St. Patrick’s day themed designs.

green nails with different designs
Credit: chelsey.solandbel

3. Shamrock on Ring Finger

You can keep your nail design fairly simple, but still with a St. Patrick’s day flair by painting a shamrock on your ring finger.

shamrock nail
Credit: colorsby_abbynk

4. Rainbows and Gold

These nails are super cute and would be so fun to wear. They feature a colorful rainbow design and gold (representing a pot of gold) on the cuff on the nail.

rainbow and gold nails
Credit: coyarose

5. Matte Green and Shiny Gold

Combine different shades of matte green nail polish along with a gorgeous shiny gold nail polish to achieve this creative and modern look.

matte green and gold nails
Credit: erinsearle_nailartist

6. Green Triangle Tips

These green triangle tip nails are simple but still stand out in a beautiful way. I love how this look has two different designs that come together nicely.

green triangle tips
Credit: heluviee

7. Leprechauns and Rainbows

These are the ultimate St. Patrick’s day nails. These square-shaped acrylic nails include rainbows, a leprechaun belt, and shamrocks.

st. patrick's day. nails
Credit: knockout_nails.ut

8. Shamrocks and Dollar Signs

Instead of including a pot of gold on your nails, why not modernize your look by adding gold dollar signs to your festive nail design.

Shamrocks and Dollar Signs
Credit: megan.emily.beauty

9. Lucky Charms Nails

How can you not love these lucky charms-themed nails? They feature soft pastel colors and all of your favorite St. Patrick’s day charms.

Lucky Charms Nails
Credit: nailedbymary

10. St. Patrick’s Day Stiletto Nails

If you love long stiletto nails, you’ll love these pointy nails that include plenty of four-left clover designs. Of course, you can’t forget about the green glitter.

St. Patrick's Day Stiletto Nails
Credit: nailpromagazine

11. Green Gradient and Rainbows

Instead of painting your nails with solid green nail polish, why not make them stand out by using a light green gradient? The additional nails feature rainbows and gold glitter.

green gradient nails
Credit: nails_by_lysa

12. Short Stiletto Nails

These short stiletto nails are so cute and creative. Plus, I love how this nail design would look great on acrylic nails of all shapes and lengths.

Short Stiletto Nails
Credit: nails.by.valerie

13. Green and White Squigglies

Here’s a look that’s perfect for all occasions. This design features dark green nail polish with white squigglies. There are also green rhinestones on the cuff of the middle finger.

elegant green nails
Credit: nori.nails.it

14. Green and White Swirls

Swirl nail designs have become really popular. If you’re looking for a cool swirl nail design for the upcoming holiday, these green nails should inspire you.

green white almond nails
Credit: playing_with_nails

15. Simple Green Nails

Here’s a simple green nail design that’s perfect for everyday wear. Plus, you can achieve this look without going to a nail salon, if that’s your preference.

Simple Green Nails
Credit: rebecca_swiss

16. Green Shimmers

You can achieve this look by using magnetic nail polish. You can easily achieve this look on your natural nails.

Credit: sarahstonepolished

Shamrocks and rainbows are the perfect way to show your Irish spirit this St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re looking for some inspiration, I hope you’ve found it with these amazing acrylic nail designs.

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