15 Cute Strawberry Nail Design Ideas

You won’t be able to resist these strawberry nail designs. If you’re looking for a delicious and easy way to show off your nails, then look no further than these strawberry nail designs.

They’re so cute and creative, and they’ll definitely make your nails stand out. Plus, who doesn’t love strawberries? They’re one of the most popular fruits in the world, and they taste absolutely amazing.

Strawberries are typically in season from April to June, depending on where you live. The good thing about these nails is that they’re always in season.

Fruit Salad

fruit nails
Artist Credit: alex.ashli.nails

Put a spin on the classic strawberry nail design by adding other fruits and making it a fun fruit salad. These nails feature strawberry slices, lemons, grapefruit, star fruit, and kiwi.

Nothing but the Strawberry

strawberry nails
Artist Credit: atomicowl

If you’re looking for the ultimate strawberry nail design, this one’s perfect for you. Let this tasty fruit shine with these bold and vibrant nails.

Strawberry Milk

strawberry milk nails
Artist Credit: chaos.nails

These cute nails have a fun strawberry milk theme. They feature strawberries, pink cows, and a sweet strawberry milk carton design.

Strawberries on Short Nails

strawberry design on short nails
Artist Credit: embellishedby_tina

You can still have a great nail design with short nails. These nails are so cute and simple, you’re going to love rocking this look in the summer.

Strawberries and French Tips

strawberry french tips
Artist Credit: glamourgels.abby

Put a twist on the classic French tip design by adding tiny strawberries to them. These nails are perfect for rocking during the summer.

Pink and Mint Green

pink and mint green nails
Artist Credit: hallies.nails

Switch up from the typical pink and red color palette by adding a bit of mint green. Of course, you could replace the mint green with white, red, or even yellow.

Strawberries and Gold

strawberry and gold nails
Artist Credit: jinasongnails

Consider including different patterns to your nails. This set includes shiny gold swirls that perfectly compliment the rest of the design.

Plenty of Strawberries

mini strawberries acrylic nails
Artist Credit: kaattiidn

Load up your nails with tiny little strawberries for an eye-catching nail design. This pattern would look great with both short and long nails.

Hand-Painted Doodles

hand-painted strawberry nails
Artist Credit: luxenailsbyalexa

These handpainted doodles are so well done. The design includes pink strawberries along with other design elements. I think that these would look great with just the strawberries too.

Fraise Florals

Fraise Florals press-on nails
Artist Credit: mailedandpolishednails

Strawberries and daisies go hand in hand, so why not combine them into one gorgeous nail design.

A Splash of Milk

strawberries splashed in milk
Artist Credit: nailed.it.by.amber

Go bold with a design that showcases a strawberry being splashed in milk. If you want a design that’s not so common, this is the perfect look for you.

Strawberries and Flowers

strawberries and flowers nail design
Artist Credit: ricekittynails

When I think of the summertime, strawberries and flowers definitely come to mind. Consider pairing your strawberries with another object that reminds you of summer.

Strawberries with Texture

realistic strawberry nails
Artist Credit: thepolishedbean

I love how the artist added texture to the seeds which give them a realistic appearance. These nails look as if the seeds have been pressed into the nail polish.

Pink Drink

pink drink starbucks nail design
Artist Credit: yesenias.nails_

Have you ever seen the Starbucks pink drink? If you haven’t, these nails are modeled after the cute drink that’s on the Starbucks secret menu.

If you’re looking for a delicious and creative way to show off your nails, then look no further than these strawberry nail designs. They’re so cute, and they’ll definitely make your nails stand out.

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